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Events 2019

3 december 2018 - 31 december 2019


September every Tuesday Shop open 10am – 4pm                                       

September every Friday Shop open from 11am – 9.30pm       

Fridays; Kitchen open 5pm – 9pm for hot meals                                                                    



    Dutch Classes September 13

    October 18    November 8

For catering purpose always confirm your attendance




Senior/midweek lunches



  Senior Lunch Wednesday October 2

  Leidens’ Ontzet; Haring & Hutspot

  Members $12. Non-members $16.   





Wed December 4 Lunch with Sinterklaas

  Members $12. Non-members $16.

  Coffee & Oliebollen are ready at 11am




 During Klaverjas tournaments the shop is open 11am -3pm           

    Sunday September 15 Couples Tournament

    Sunday November 10 Kommer Tournament







 Sunday Dec. 1 Sinterklaas party for the young ones                     

The very last Sinterklaas party at these premises

  It is going to be a big one 

Booking form was in the July magazine

More available from the kitchen counter

     Volunteers wanted for this day.

(Games with the children & face-painting)                      




Saturday December 14.

The last Dutch  Christmas dinner at this venue. For members only.

Great music form Dutch Connection and Dutch Treat





Dutch Class

1 juli 2019 - 9 november 2019


     Dutch Class on Friday September 13 at 7.15pm

     De volgende Nederlandse les vrijdag 5 Juli om 7.15nm

           “Blijf jong anders ben je de oude niet meer”


    More Dutch Classes for 2019; 

    October 18  November 8




1 juli 2019 - 30 november 2019


During Klaverjas competitions

 The club is open for shoppers  11-3pm


  Sunday November 10 Klaverjas

 Kommer Tournament 




Annual General meeting 2019

31 juli 2019 - 28 oktober 2019

                                  Sunday 27 October


              Annual General Meeting

              All members are invited

Happy Birthday September 2019 Happy Birthday September 2019

Happy Birthday September 2019

7 september 2019 - 7 december 2019

Darlene Apps; Milka Bekkers; Gesina Den Dulk;
Rebecca Hook; Leigh Roeleven; Phyllis de Sylva;
Mary-Anne Pellaers; John  wells; Erika Barnes;
Joyce Barkmeijer; Adriana van der Wal; Danielle Bruce; Victoria Theuma; Edith van As; Cheryl D’Abrera;
David & Heidi Wewer; Theo ten Brummelaar;
Judy & John Hansell ;                                                        
John Windle ; Henk Verbeek ; Jan Snellen ;                                       Arie van der Mast; Peter Plowman; Ryk van Os;
Sheryl Scharky; Stewart Keuneman;
Roslynn Parnell; Francisco Salgado; Mathijs Wolthers


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