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9 mei 2022 - 9 augustus 2022

May 13th gets us in the groove with an iconic group that is known by young and old. Provided the sound-track to many movies but especially well known down under for Pricilla queen of the desert. We are talking music royalty since their performance at the euro song contest launched them on stage and the airwaves. Let’s boogie with ABBA

May 20th is the perfect day to have a good chat with the barman and see what he can create. John has been at the club for a great many years and always makes sure everyone gets their favourite drop. His bar skills recently got him inducted in the ‘Order of the Night watch’. Tonight we get to see his creative side.

May 27th is games night, actually its always games on at the Rembrandt but last Friday of the month we try to throw in that little extra to keep everyone happy.

So get your markers out and check your forms it Rembrandt Bingo Time

June 3rd We all jump in the time machine and travel back to the 80’s. Many great things we recorded in the tumultuous 80s we won’t have time to play them all, but we are sure to get to some of your favourite tunes



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