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Events 2019

3 december 2018 - 31 december 2019


September every Tuesday Shop open 10am – 4pm                                       

September every Friday Shop open from 11am – 9.30pm       

Fridays; Kitchen open 5pm – 9pm for hot meals                                                                    



    Dutch Classes September 13

    October 18    November 8

For catering purpose always confirm your attendance




Senior/midweek lunches



  Senior Lunch Wednesday October 2

  Leidens’ Ontzet; Haring & Hutspot

  Members $12. Non-members $16.   





Wed December 4 Lunch with Sinterklaas

  Members $12. Non-members $16.

  Coffee & Oliebollen are ready at 11am




 During Klaverjas tournaments the shop is open 11am -3pm           

    Sunday September 15 Couples Tournament

    Sunday November 10 Kommer Tournament







 Sunday Dec. 1 Sinterklaas party for the young ones                     

The very last Sinterklaas party at these premises

  It is going to be a big one 

Booking form was in the July magazine

More available from the kitchen counter

     Volunteers wanted for this day.

(Games with the children & face-painting)                      




Saturday December 14.

The last Dutch  Christmas dinner at this venue. For members only.

Great music form Dutch Connection and Dutch Treat





Dutch Class

1 juli 2019 - 9 november 2019


     Dutch Class on Friday September 13 at 7.15pm

     De volgende Nederlandse les vrijdag 5 Juli om 7.15nm

           “Blijf jong anders ben je de oude niet meer”


    More Dutch Classes for 2019; 

    October 18  November 8




1 juli 2019 - 30 november 2019

During Klaverjas competitions

 The club is open for shoppers  11-3pm


  Sunday September 15 Klaverjas

  Couples Tournament 



 Sunday November 10 Kommer Tournament


Annual General meeting 2019

31 juli 2019 - 28 oktober 2019

                                  Sunday 27 October


              Annual General Meeting

              All members are invited


31 juli 2019 - 30 september 2019

Open day. One day only


Garage Sale       

Saturday September 28 

10am – 4pm                              

At Your club


Dutch Kitchen open

Hanging out for an oliebol or frikandel?

This is your chance


Volunteers are welcomed with open arms

Let me know if you are willing and able



Happy Birthday September 2019 Happy Birthday September 2019

Happy Birthday September 2019

7 september 2019 - 7 december 2019

Darlene Apps; Milka Bekkers; Gesina Den Dulk;
Rebecca Hook; Leigh Roeleven; Phyllis de Sylva;
Mary-Anne Pellaers; John  wells; Erika Barnes;
Joyce Barkmeijer; Adriana van der Wal; Danielle Bruce; Victoria Theuma; Edith van As; Cheryl D’Abrera;
David & Heidi Wewer; Theo ten Brummelaar;
Judy & John Hansell ;                                                        
John Windle ; Henk Verbeek ; Jan Snellen ;                                       Arie van der Mast; Peter Plowman; Ryk van Os;
Sheryl Scharky; Stewart Keuneman;
Roslynn Parnell; Francisco Salgado; Mathijs Wolthers


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