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Happy Birthday October 2019

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Marian Achten; Antonia Besters; Tony Lette; Tjitske Buddeke; Barbara Cain; Lucie de Vries;      George Galea; Michael Gillies; Hendrik Hahn; Ineka Hayes; William Heymans;                     Paul Hibbard; Marja Hofsteede; Michael Vet; Louis Leermakers;                                    Henry Louwen; Elien Weeks; Nell van der Jagt;  Riet Verwey; Teena Sondermeyer;                 Bruce Turner;  Egbert van der Wal; David Stenstra; Hans & Anita Van Kuyk;                        Lies van Leeuwen; Rita van Valkenburg; Martin Langendijk;                                           Steve van der Meer;

Kitchen Corner October 2019

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The Garage Sale just gone was a great success.
The volunteers worked hard and deserve a huge Thank You!
For now we have one fundraising table inside the hall. 
There are a lot of great bargains available.
Leidens Ontzet promises to be a “gezellige dag”
Herman will give his accordion a good bashing and everyone can enjoy a typical Dutch meal. Starting with coffee and cake at 11am.
After that there is the AGM.
Many members have renewed their membership and therefore have a say in what will happen next to the Rembrandt Dutch Club’s future.

               See you at your club.        Mia

Presidents report October 2019

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This month must be one of the most important months in the 42 years of the existence of our club. On Sunday the 27th of October we have our Annual General Meeting and it is than up to the majority of the members what the future of our club will look like.
As it stands at the moment we have not been able to finalise a new premises, however, that does not mean that you should not renew your membership. We are hearing to often lately, “What is the use?“ Well, if you don’t renew and we will not have enough members then it is no use at all, and all the hard work that your board and the re location committee has done in the last few month would be all for nothing.
What we need now more than ever, is as many members as possible, regardless if, when and where we will move to, your club will continue and your membership will be from October 2019 till October 2020.
The other very important item is that you nominate the right person for the committee so that we can keep operating the next 12 month and beyond.
So, I urge you all to do three things;
1    Renew your membership.
2    Nominate somebody for the committee.
3    Be present at the A.G.M.
It is the future of YOUR club that is at stake. See you all at 2pm on the 27th of this month.

J. Joosten

Happy Birthday September 2019

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Darlene Apps; Milka Bekkers; Gesina Den Dulk;
Rebecca Hook; Leigh Roeleven; Phyllis de Sylva;
Mary-Anne Pellaers; John  wells; Erika Barnes;
Joyce Barkmeijer; Adriana van der Wal; Danielle Bruce;

Victoria Theuma; Edith van As; Cheryl D’Abrera; David & Heidi Wewer;

Theo ten Brummelaar;
Judy & John Hansell ;                                                      
John Windle ; Henk Verbeek ; Jan Snellen; Arie van der Mast; Peter Plowman;
Sheryl Scharky; Stewart Keuneman;
Roslynn Parnell; Francisco Salgado; Mathijs Wolthers

Presidents report September 2019

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After our special general meeting in July, we have formed a relocation committee, who has the task to see if they can find an alternative place to house our club. This committee consists not only of persons of the younger generation, but the board is convinced that they also have the abilities and knowhow that is required to keep the club going, as you the members have requested at that meeting. As the majority of the existing board has been there for many years and is aging very rapidly, it is of the utmost importance that we get new and younger blood in the board. In this magazine you will find a list of the present board members and also a list of the persons that have indicated that they are willing to serve at the board and keep the club going. So please, have a look, maybe talk to some of these persons and nominate somebody that is willing and able to look after the future of our club. But, before you do, make sure that you renew your membership for the coming year that will than give us an idea if there are enough members to make all this extra work worthwhile. And don’t forget , not every volunteer needs to be a board member, an organisation like ours needs at any time a lot of volunteers that have the abilities and time to get all the work done.  J. Joosten
After writing this report the board has decided the following. Regardless of the fact that we don’t know yet if and when we will be moving ANY MEMBER THAT RENEWS HIS OR HER MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR WILL RECEIVE OUR MAGAZINE FOR THE NEXT TWELF MONTHS UP UNTIL OCTOBER 2020
The following persons have made themselves available to be nominated for the board 2019-2020: The board members as it stands today.  Jack Vankuyk John Joosten     John Battishall   
Gerda Zirkzee Wolfgang Kubale Marian Achten Jos Haarsma Leny Battishall Mia Joosten
During the extra special meeting on June 30th These following persons have made themselves available also to be nominated for the board 2019-2020:                         
John Baremans Marc van Gelderen Victor Voets Bert Bronkhorst  Edward van der Meulen     Rebecca Hook Wim van As Anita Smith Erika Barnes Fif Hugenholz Emma Roorda                    Andrew Roorda

Kitchen Corner September 2019

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This month there will be the second Garage Sale and Wolfgang has promised to smoke some trout again. The last lot was delicious!!!
They were sold out before they were smoked and I ask again; Please order your smoked trout (last day to order is September 24), so he will have an idea of how many to buy.
The shop is still going strong. We keep the shelfs fully stocked as long as possible.
The Sinterklaas goodies will hopefully arrive in time for everyone to celebrate this special happening.
I know some of our members will have a traditional day including the ‘knock on the door’ and searching for presents.
This time of the year the memories of the old fashion celebration come back. First the shoe in front of the heater. (The heaters are disappearing.) And if you been good there was always some sweet or biscuit in your shoe. Never mind the germs. Lol
Than on the 5th of December the biggest table was laid out with pepernoten, taai taai and lollies, oranges and a chocolate letter. No presents, because in our home that would happen with Christmas. And if I say presents,,,,  we were lucky to get ONE present. And very happy with whatever we got.
This years’ Sinterklaas party @ the club will be a big one but, I know who will enjoy this more than the little children…… The grandparents! It does bring back that great feeling when they see their grandchildren happy. Knowing that Sinterklaas brings generations together. Even though the little ones have no idea of what it was half a century and longer ago, they   know that Oma & Opa are here to celebrate with them.                               
                      Because everybody loves Sinterklaas
See you at your club.        Mia
Forms from the kitchen counter
Membership renewals
Nomination forms
Chocolate letter orders
Sinterklaas party booking forms

Notice board September 2019

News Item

Collecting; For the Mt Druitt Lions Group, reading glasses

For Rotary; Bread bag tags and tea bag tags

We are not collecting anything else

Presidents report August 2019

News Item

On finding a new premises, your board and the newly appointed relocation committee is working very hard to find a suitable solution, and up till today we have got a few options, but nothing concrete yet, everything takes time.
On the brighter side our Rembrandt weekend and garage sale on the 20th and 21st of July was a big financial success, which we need to fund our relocation, whatever happens it will cost money and that is one of the items that we are now concentrating on.
                Our next garage sale will be on                                                                                           Saturday the 28th of September
The smoked trout on the weekend was absolutely out of this world, thanks Wolfgang, if you ask me you can do this more often.                                                                                                                                                                    Last Saturday night the Christmas in July night was as usual a brilliant night of food, excellent music and good company.
The next big party will be St. Nics for the little ones, as this will be the last Sinterklaas party in this premises, we are aiming to make it an unforgettable one, so please make sure that you book your kids, grandkids and great grandchildren for this super day

John Joosten

Kitchen Corner August 2019

News Item

The first orders for this year’s chocolate letters are already in.
The letters should be in by end November.

Order forms are on the kitchen counter.
There are also the membership renewal forms and Sinterklaas party booking forms.
And soon the nomination forms.
There are very busy times coming up with
A garage sale and the AGM
As always there is a need for volunteers.
I can’t say this enough; when you put your name down please turn up.
                    I have to thank all the hard workers that put the sale  together and cleared it all up again. Without your help we can’t survive.
               A lot of ‘new’ energy is needed to go on with what we have been doing for 42 years. Just think about it…….
Who will take over from the cleaners and the cookers?????

     There is some new ‘shop’ stock on the way.
 One article we did not have for a while is Drie Hoek Zachte Zeep.
The shop will trade as normal but with low stock.
If we move to a new premises we like to move a minimum.
If we don’t find a new premises we have to sell all stock.
For now things need to go on as normal.

To all members; make sure you renewed your membership before October
To enjoy discount on entrees for Leidens Ontzet lunch, the Sinterklaas Kids party, Lunch with Sinterklaas and Christmas dinner.
              See you @ your club.        Mia

Happy Birthday August 2019

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Jason Bailey; Henry Bavel; Bernard Becker; Tonny Beemster; Ranie Beerens; Rosalie Brown; Ron Charles; Joop Stoové; Annemarie Eyndhoven; Luke Heise; Marlena Grunwald; Edwin Haas; Shane Hamer; Glenda Hofland ; Fif Hugenholtz; Ewald Klinkenberg; George Knubben; Tony Wolf; Elizabeth Kommer; Henk Kuilder; Emmy Leermakers; Gail Olsen; Wilhelmina Pieren; Patricia Rieksen; Peggy Scott; Francis Theissen; Ella van Bavel; Elsa van der Burg; Astrid van Leeuwen; Victor Voets;  Chris van Valkenburg; Reinier Veerman; Riki Veenhuis;  Christina Wall;  Johan Wewer;

Presidents Report April 2019

News Item

The 8 months of planning and organising for this festival has paid off in a big way. What a success, not just financially but wasn’t it good to see so many people, despite the inclement weather Friday and Saturday.                                                                                                                                                Personally I have met quite a few people that I have not seen for many years.                                                                                                                                                                  Our festival has become a meeting place once a year for the whole Dutch community of NSW.                                                                                                                    And the atmosphere and entertainment was great.                                               That was the good news. The not so good news is the fact that our landlord has sold the property due to health reasons, which means that our next festival will not be at the club, as we have to vacate the building early next year.                                                                                                                          Our last function in this building will be Xmas dinner.                                                                                                                                                                               What will happen after that?                                                                                                                                  We are looking and negotiating for possible other options and your board of directors is spending every free minute to find the right solution to this problem.                                                                                                                          J Joosten President

Ambassador Marion Derckx

News Item

Marion Derckx officially becomes Netherlands Ambassador to Australia
On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove received the Letters of Credence from Marion Derckx, the new Netherlands Ambassador to Australia.                                                                                                                                                                                 Presentation of Credentials
Ambassador Derckx was picked up at her residence and driven to Government House in Yarralumla in the Crown Car. The Ambassador was accompanied by Deputy Head of Mission Mr Erik de Feijter, Defence Attaché Ltcol Elmar Hermans and acting Police Attaché Mr Rob van den Berg. At Government House, Ambassador Derckx presented her Credentials, signed by King Willem-Alexander, to His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth Of Australia. She also delivered a personal greeting from Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove.
After a conversation with the Governor-General in his study and the official photographs, the Ambassador was escorted to the saluting point in front of the Guard of Honour, where a Royal Salute was accorded, the Dutch national flag broken and the Dutch national anthem played.                                                                                                                                                  The Ambassador also inspected the Guard of Honour and Band. A second Royal Salute was accorded at her departure when the Crown Rolls-Royce drove the Ambassador back to her residence.                                                                                                                                                                   Mission in Australia
Ambassador Derckx studied agriculture at Wageningen University and commenced her career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1989. Prior to her posting in Australia she was the Ambassador to the Netherlands in Manila, the Philippines.                                                                                          About her posting in Australia, the ambassador says; ‘Australia and the Netherlands are culturally and politically very close. We share values and insights about what is important, e.g. the international rules based order and respect for human rights. The aftermath of the MH17 tragedy brought us even closer. Our trade and investment relations are ever growing. More than 350.000 Australians are of Dutch descent, and this brings in a more personal element: a considerable part of my family has the Australian nationality. Based on our friendly ties, the Netherlands strives for more intensified cooperation with Australia on the global stage. I look forward to contributing to that intensified partnership between our countries during my assignment.’                Ambassador Derckx will also be accredited to Nauru, Papua New-Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Contact details | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra:
Press enquiries | Femke Withag 02 6220 9408

Contact Information Passport and other services
Website (with full details of services provided in Australia and how to apply)
E-mail or Phone +61 2 62 20 94 00 (24 hours, 7 days a week)                                                   Consulate-General Sydney
Mr Frank van Beuningen Consul-General Email or Phone +61 2 93 87 66 44 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

Notice board January 2019

News Item

DID YOU KNOW that the Rembrandt Dutch Club can arrange a wake for members, family and friends?

. Coffee/tea, sandwiches, party pies & sausage rolls, cake.

. An estimate of number of persons attending is required.

. Minimum catering 50 person. $10 per person.

. Any extras (bitterballen, krokets or other Dutch snacks) will be charged at normal kitchen price.

For any catering call the club on 96232569 and ask for Mia


Notice board 2 September 2018

News Item


Hiring Dutch Volendam outfits from the club. $50. Deposit

$25. Refund when returning the outfit. Contact Gerda @ your club


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