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Presidents Report March 2018

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Presidents report March 2018.

Last Saturday the 24th of February our club hosted the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Netherlands Societies.                                       Some 90 community leaders from Sydney, Wollongong and as far away as Newcastle joined us for a very pleasant afternoon.                                      For this occasion we engaged an outside caterer and the food was exceptional good.                                                                                        

To our surprise the new Consul General Mr. Frank van Beuningen, who arrived in Sydney just two weeks ago, graced us with his presence.             He was very interested to meet all the different people from such a diverse group of Dutch organisations and he complimented us that we had something very special going on in our club, when our oldest member Mrs Johanna Zirkzee (106) was asked to cut the cake, accompanied by her great grandchild Elly (8month) old.                          For the occasion we had prepared some memorabilia, such as trophies, old photos etc. from years ago and it was good to see what the Federation has achieved over the 50 years with hard work from all the affiliated clubs.         

On a different note, we have our festival coming up and if we want to make it a success we really need some more volunteers.                                            So please, let us know if you or your kids, grand kids, friends or anybody else who can spare some time to help us out.

VOLUNTEER INFO DAY IS ON                                                          SATURDAY THE 3 RD OF MARCH AT 3.00PM, THANK YOU

J. Joosten president


Kitchen Corner March 2018

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Kitchen Corner                                                      

        The month of February has ended with a huge celebration;                   50 years of the Federation of Netherland Societies.                           And what is the connection with the Rembrandt Club you ask.

The Rembrandt Dutch Club is only one of many groups/clubs connected to the Federation. Over the years there were close to 30 of them.

            One very well-known was the Senior Holiday.                                    Sponsored by the Federation it served many Dutchies with a great time and typical Dutch food.                                                                          There are still a couple of instuif groups going, they started off as coffee mornings. Way back in the late 70’s I had a group of ‘oldies’ from the Liverpool area visit my home in Hoxtonpark. I also had a toddler son and that was a great addition to the entertainment. My toddler is now 43.

Through the coffee morning I met this high school boy looking for work after school, so he could afford some music lessons. He worked for us for some time. After many years we met again at the Abel Tasman Village.

Georgy was the caretaker, and still is involved with music.                Although his hair has coloured to match ours, he still is Georgy to us.

          This weekend is the big Garage Sale and afterwards the Festival Volunteers meeting. Hope to see many of you there, and thanks to the volunteers that made a commitment and wrote their name down in black and white. We have entertainment as well. Let this be a surprise..

         It is going to be a very busy few weeks, but we like to be busy.

We need to occupy our brains and get plenty exercise, so I even took up gardening. Sometimes I even get some fresh vegies out of this, but so far not enough to fill the freezer. We are joking about a street stall to sell the vegies. No need for this just yet. Bahahahaha                                               On a different note, there are some more donations for the Festival raffle. Keep them coming…….                                                  

See you all at the club, whether it be the shop or the kitchen counter, whether you play scrabble, klaverjas, billiard, or practice your voice in the choir room, we need everybody to participate in something and spend some money to keep the place going.

                              Tot ziens                Mia

Happy Birthday March 2018

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Paulus Breedveld; Anna Beugeling; Bob Griffiths; Wietske Bruisma; Gerard Daley; Nel de Bruyn;

Nancy Farlow; Kees van der Voort; Jan Giles;

Gil Kommer; Justin Salgado; Peter Mathyi;

Theo Langenberg; Johanna Louwen; Gloria Short;

Bep Maasland; Angela Maganic; Bernadine Mathyi; Frank Pellaers; Hedi Roggeveen; Marlene Turnbull;  Anna Pennings; Theo & Nellie Schaaf; Ray Skarsky; Robin Steele; Cornelia Sondemeyer; Petronella van Os; Riet Koppelhouber; Stuart Brown; Maree Wolthers; Hans van der Jagt; Joseph Jagt; Jannie Kuilder;

Sharon Klinkenberg; Leanne Gray; Alek van der Heg;

Gemma Verbeek;     

A special mention Bernardus Kruize                                  

Celebrating the big 100

Notice board March 2008

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Press release                                 

Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sydney Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra 22 February 2018


New Consul-General of the Netherlands to Australia


We are pleased to welcome Frank van Beuningen

The new Consul-General of the Netherlands in Sydney, to Australia


Frank arrived in Sydney earlier this month.                                                              Before his posting Down Under, he worked as a diplomat on special ssignments and had several postings, among others in Afghanistan, Germany, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe. Besides working on economic diplomacy and trade promotion, Frank has dealt extensively with security policy, counter-terrorism and human rights issues.


In the Netherlands Frank was the co-founder and later director (1998 – 2002) of the Advisory Council on International Affairs, a think tank that advises the Dutch government on a regular basis on all aspects of foreign and security policy.           He has a degree in international affairs from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.                                                                                                                       Frank is married to Jennie and together they have two adult children.

After having been in Sydney for nearly two weeks, Frank says “he feels like a dog with two tails”. He states: “I am looking forward to working with the team on the optimising of consular services and the potential for Dutch companies to partner with Australian counterparts to achieve sustainable trade and investment for both our countries. I cannot wait to get to know the Dutch community.                                I am very interested in its history”.

We wish Frank and his family a great time in Australia and look forward to working with him!


Contact details:

Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sydney:

More information can be found here:





Presidents Report February 2018

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Presidents report February 2018.

Our 40th anniversary celebration was a well-attended day and so far we only have been receiving good reports about a very well organised Sunday afternoon.                                                                       To be able to get a full house again is great and it makes me think that the time of the day might have made the big difference.                                                                                                                             Maybe we should start looking in future at organising more events during the day time rather than at night, it might be worthwhile looking into this so please let your committee know what your view is about this.                                                                                                                                                              We also have had an offer from one of our members to organise a different event on a Sunday afternoon.                                                                                                                                                                       Lowie Lemmerman has offered to be the D.J. on a Sunday afternoon and play his old records from the 40th, 50th and 60th for a sing along of the Old Dutch songs. Liedjes uit de kinder Jaren: This could be a very interesting afternoon, but we need people, so please book with Mia, Leny or Gerda for Sunday the 15th of April.

J. Joosten


Kitchen Corner February 2018

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Kitchen Corner                                                      

The first month of the year has gone already.

We went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to admire many works from different painters. Some we had never heard of and some well-known ones. It was a delight to see that there was so much interest in this. We made use of the opportunity to take our overseas visitors to the Opera House and the Quay.

The Harbour Bridge was occupied with many climbers.                             Sydney is without doubt the most beautiful place in the world.                 And now back to St Marys and our Rembrandt Dutch Club.                      40 years was celebrated with many members. The atmosphere was tops and the music made it ‘gezellig’. 

There were a few Limburgers in the hall and yes, they had to sing a few of their favourite songs.

The volunteers on the day worked like slaves and were still able to enjoy the celebration.            

           I have to apologize to the Klaverjas group for advertising the wrong date regarding their next competition.                                                                                                                                         It is on Sunday February 18th and NOT the 11th.                                                                        Next month is the Festival month again.  If you have free time and energy, join the group of volunteers. There is a choice of jobs before during and after the Festival. There are sheets in the hall, for the volunteers to fill in their name and choice of work.   

I am happy to say that the first sponsorship for 2018 came in by mail.

On Saturday March 3 there will be a fundraising Garage Sale/ Braderie at YOUR club. This will go from 9am – 2pm.

At 3pm on the same day there will be the Festival volunteer meeting. 

Anyone that is willing to volunteer please join us on the day.

We do need a few persons to take care of a stall at the Garage Sale/ Braderie. It will not be as big as the previous one (I think) because it is so close to the Festival, but with all the goods that are stored we do need to make some room.          

This month of February there will be a Sri Lanka dinner night.

The music is tops and you can eat your favourite Sri Lanka cuisine as much as you like.

The price has come down from $45. To $40. Per person.

I hope to see many members there.

Please book with the organizer; ANGELA 0407 100 112

See you all at the kitchen.                   Mia



Notice board february 2008

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GERDA OR HERMAN @ 9746 8420.

Happy Birthday February 2018

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Shannon Anderson; Guido Joosten; Jenny Joosten Petra Hooper; Louise Ballas; Frederika Bates; Wilfried Bleeker; Max de Haan;  Riki Brekelmans; Susan de Kretser; Henk Eijkman; Hans Engel; Gerry Haarsma; Paul Hilberding; Barry Hayward; Jan Houben;  Gilian Watts; Gerry van Dam; Analyn Prins; Samantha Salgado; Cameron Hook; Nicolaas Kop;  Rebecca Iping; Andrew Lewis;Tony Verwey; Anne Verwey; Mies van Florenstein;  Anton Mathyi;  Evert van Oeveren; Henk van Wezel; Louise Wells; Louis &  Nel Weber; (102) Janna Jansen;  Edward Jonker; Herman Zirkzee

Presidents Report January 2018 Presidents Report January 2018

Presidents Report January 2018

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Presidents report January 2018.

A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all members and their families and let’s hope that 2018 will bring all you wishes for your loved ones.

For the club I hope that we can continue the way we finished and count on all our volunteers to help us to keep the place going.

Check this magazine for the functions that are organised for your entertainment and talking about functions, after the disaster last December, where 16 of our members booked for the Christmas with (Sh)Elvis night and only four persons turned up, resulting in twelve empty seats this cannot happen again.

From now on we have to stick to the rule that; you only have booked when the tickets are payed for.

As in any other place you like to be entertained, you can only book a ticket by paying. To lose out on twelve people not turning up is not fair for the catering persons and the organisers and in the end it will be at a cost to the club.

So please remember, next time your ticket needs to be paid and that can be done at the club or by direct banking, details about direct banking are always in your magazine.

John Joosten

Presidents Report December 2017

News Item

From the President’s desk        AGM report                                   

The club has had a very busy year with all regular and some new functions. Our yearly festival keeps growing from strength to strength. Three days before the event the whole place was flooded, but somebody must have been looking after us, as the weather turned out glorious that weekend resulting in a record crowd and takings. The card tournaments are slowly losing some participants but they are still a worthwhile function and we hope that they can keep going for a while. Following up on the Moving on programme we now have several weeks of the Stepping on programme, that is provided free of charge to our members by Nepean Health and they have been worthwhile for the persons that have made the time to participate, It is teaching them how to cope with the small and bigger problems that are creeping up when you are maturing in age. We now have also had three gatherings in our club from the Sri Lanka- Dutch community in N.S.W. They have been able to fill the hall two days in a row and our dancefloor has not been so crowded in years. Last Sunday we had our first Braderie/Mini market with life entertainment all day and it was a great success many people came from as far away as the Hunter Valley and Canberra. For next year we will cancel the regular garage sale and replace it with this Braderie it has proven to be better in many ways, we don’t have to watch the weather anymore and many people have commented that it was so gezellig. For the time being we cannot take any items for the sales anymore as we are running out of storage, We have also find that furniture is very hard to get rid of, even the salvation army is not that interested anymore ,so please no furniture any more. We will advertise in the magazine again when we are ready to receive more good items for the next one. May I take this opportunity to thank first of all every volunteer that has helped us through the year with Festival, Braderie and other events? A warm welcome to our new board member John Haarsma. And last but not least Thank You to all my hard working committee members that keep this place going even when I am not here.

J Joosten President

Kitchen Corner December 2017

News Item

Kitchen Corner                                                       

December is always the busiest month of the year.

Christmas dinner, this year there are two.  

Sinterklaas party for the little ones and lunch with Sinterklaas for the young at heart. An 80thy Birthday party was already booked.

The Scrabble club has their annual break-up luncheon and the Klaverjassers have a break-up dinner.

So it is a full moon,,, ehhh month.

It’s also the month of my birthday and I am soooo glad this year it is on a Sunday.

It is the end of the year and my Christmas wishes and thank you go to all the volunteers who worked there as@!%s off during the year.

When I was on holidays it was all under control thanks to a COOL team. The club cannot exist without you.

In January we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of YOUR club.  If you would like to join us on that day, put your name on the list. Entry is free for members only.  If your partner/friend is not a member they will have to pay membership fee and join the club.

Entertainment on the day is Dutch Connection.

Yes we like to keep it very Dutch.

In February The Federation of Netherland Societies is celebrating 50 years of keeping the Dutch clubs and groups connected.

We, at the Rembrandt Dutch Club are very honoured that the Federation choose our venue to celebrate this.  

Congratulations to everyone that was and still is involved with this great group of hardworking people.

 Is there a Justice of the Peace within our membership??

There is only one left in our magazine. Sadly we lost one to age and illness.

Over the year she has helped many persons with little and also very important issues. Thank you so much for that. Life is like that; you do what you can as long as you can.

We welcome our new addition to the board; John Haarsma. That makes it 3 Johns at the board. JB, JH and JJ

Remember the holiday shopping hours. For your convenience. 

Have a great Christmas everyone  


Kitchen Corner January 2018

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Kitchen Corner                                                      

First of all a happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a Happy Christmas time with family and friends. We had a short break in Townsville and spend time with children grandchildren and great grandchildren. Now we need a holiday. LOL

With a large family like ours there is always some travelling involved. Still, lucky we don’t need a passport.

This year is going to be a very busy one for the club.

Already there are some private parties booked. If you would like to book for a birthday, wedding or anniversary it is best to do this early, pay a bond and confirm the date. Last year we had to say no to a few parties because the hall was already booked.                                                                               Lucky for some we could shuffle some dates around.

When it comes to sub-club-competition-Sundays, we like to book them in first. Thanks to the Klaverjas organiser this was done early. If the Billiard and scrabble players would like to book an event please be quick.                                                                                           Also for all members of sub-clubs including the Lions and Dutch Class we ask for all of you to be a member of the Rembrandt Club, since we don’t charge a fee to your group for the use of the club.


“Free hall hire” If you like to book the club as a member, for a birthday or other event the conditions have to be met.                                                                                  1 You have to be a financial member for a minimum of 12 months.                                                                         2. For weddings etc. both persons have to be a member for a minimum of 12 months.                                                                           3. A returnable bond of $100. has to be paid to confirm the date.                                                                          4. Birthdays bookings have to be within 2 weeks of your date of birth.                                                                     5. No drinks of ANY kind are allowed to be brought in from outside. The Rembrandt Dutch Club is a licenced club.

More rules can be read on the ‘rules for booking’ sheet.

See you all at your favourite club.                     



Happy Birthday January 2018

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Luuk Aalbrechts; Adrian Alsop; Gerard Bakkers; Marita Ballas; John Bednar; Pablo Blanco; Ria Brown; Albino Cortellazzi; Veronica Daley; Patricia Risse; Nicole Duffy; Cornelia Geldhof; Wilhelmina Iping; Jeno Kajan; Clara Kempers; Nellie Knight; Gary Little; Ante Maganic; Edna Manalo; Willem Muller; Greame Noske; Helen Paquay; Allan Potter; Jo-Ann Rasker; Robert Rodgers; Connie Snellen; Gerda Zirkzee; Ria van Wijk; Marcus van Gelderen; Dee Vleeskens; Brian Wells; Maria Westbury; Henry van Zanden; Joyce Weeks; Alex Ziegelaar


The place she used to know

News Item


Hi. I have recently released a novel about my mother's migration from Holland to Australia in the 1950's. I thought it might be of interest to your page followers and members. You can read more about it here: (it's available for purchase as an e-book or print version)

I was also recently interviewed on SBS Dutch Radio about the book:

Thanks for reading my message!

Michelle. Resident of Glenmore Park NSW

About The Book Five year old Else lives in a bleak, post-war Europe. Her parents, having survived World War 2, now despair for the future of their family in their country of birth. Posters promising 'The Land of Tomorrow' and a bright future spur them to pack up their meagre possessions and sail across the world. The Place She Used To Know follows Else's journey from the freezing, flat tablelands of Holland, to the unpredictable and often harsh conditions of Australia. Else's story will resonate with post-War migrants and their descendants, giving insight to the fighting spirit required to survive and prosper in a new world.                                                               About The Author The Place She Used to Know is the first novel by author Michelle Grice. Since Michelle was 7 years old, her goal has been to write a book, and her mum's migrant experience seemed a great place to start. Michelle has long been interested in finding out more about what it must have felt like to migrate to a foreign country as a child. She hopes this book will serve as a history lesson of Australia in the late 1950's-early 1960's, and a record of one Dutch family's settlement in a new country.


Waar zijn wij?

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Rembrandt Dutch Club is in St Marys

87 Dunheved Circuit

Het is een industrie park, dus als je denkt dat je verdwaald bent dan ben je bijna daar.


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