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Notice board July 2020

News Item

 As from Wednesday July 1 we will be trading again.

If there are articles on your wish-list;
Call Gerda on 9746 8420
And, if possible, she will order this for you.

When visiting the club at the Mt Druitt Hall please note;
    You have to sign in
             Use hand sanitizer
                            Keep distance
This way everyone will stay safe

Kitchen Corner June 2020

News Item

          I should rename this report because we have had no shop and no kitchen business. On the other hand my kitchen at home has a corner from where I do all the preparations. Saying that I might as well leave it as it is.                What have I been up to you ask? Sewing a lot of scrap materials together and made some things to give away. Digging up some soil and did some weeding to fill up the green bin. Also made some yummy schnitzels using minute steak. Fried it in real butter, but I am not telling my doctor I did that. She told me that whatever feels greasy on your fingers also is greasy inside your body and that is bad for your cholesterol. I enjoyed my meal and did not touch the schnitzels with my fingers, to avoid changing my mind.                     This past week we celebrated my husband’s 80th birthday. It was a bit different to have a few visitors at one time. Friends came over on different days and different times. Family waited till after the actual day. Thank you all very much for understanding and making this week a memorable one.              It was not like Jan’s 60th birthday at the club when the kids organised a ‘this is your life’. We still look back on that with great smiles. Now 20 years later and Covid threatening everyone, we do enjoy being home and taking it easy. To all out there; stay safe and take care.           Mia

June 2020 President Report

News Item

President’s report June
Over this past month we have had a small taste of freedom with the partial relaxing of our forced social distancing laws.                                     I do appreciate that our Government authorities had implemented these strict measures to assist in keeping the majority of our loved ones   as safe and healthy as possible.
        Most of us had to temporarily postpone  such luxuries as going to a cinema, live sporting events, dining out, travel, basic socialising and more  thankfully most of us were not infected with the life threatening virus. I do miss our regular Dutch social club meetings, mingling with our members and their guests as well as the comradery.
We have been assured that even more social freedom will be allowed to us in the near future, wishing all our members the best stay safe.
Allan Potter President

July 2020 President Report

News Item

President's Report July 2020
With all the social distancing and forced restrictions I was delighted to receive the well awaited news that our club will be allowed to recommence our meetings at the Mount Druitt venue/hall as of Wednesday July the first 2020.
        It took me a while to adjust to this phenomenon until I finally conceded yes it is true.
As anticipated we will have to abide by strict COVID SAFE requirements to assure the safety of our members and guests, we have purchased sufficient surface and hand sanitizer as well as implementing strict cleaning requirements.
I would ask members to please support your club and volunteers by attending your club for a friendly chat and cuppa on Wednesdays or our Friday get-togethers, not forgetting those little shopping treats  …….. See you soon                            Allan Potter

May 2020 President Report

News Item

This month has been a most challenging time for our club with the final move out and cleanup of our old premises, combined with the temporary forced closure of our new venue.
     The compulsory self-distancing measures closed most clubs and meeting spaces to reduce the risk of the COVID 19 virus spread to the general community. With the majority of our members aged over 60 we are placed in the higher risk category so it is imperative to keep both our loved ones and ourselves safe until this risk abates.
I wish all our members to maintain their good health and look forward to a brighter future for our club.
                 Allan Potter

May 2020 Vice President Report

News Item

It’s all done. From the beginning of  January till after Easter it has taken us to pack up and empty the building at Dunheved Circuit, where we had 40 years of fun, entertaining, anniversaries, weddings, wakes, parties and caring for our members and family’s.                                                                                                                          This job was a lot bigger than we first had anticipated. After a few garage sales we started sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of. It was interesting to see what the club had gathered through the years, every nook and cranny was stacked with items, most of them donated, that we could use one day.                                                                                                                            Our two containers are now packed with items we will be able to use if and when we find a permanent place in the near future and they are now stored at one of our members’ property.                                                                                                                       The office with computers copier and all the relevant paperwork has moved to Bentley Rd St Marys among a lot of other items that we still need in the Mt Druitt Hall. The shop stock has moved to Homebush and a lot of other items that we might need in the near future has moved to Silverdale.                                                                                                                                                      I have now handed in the keys of the building and thank the new owners for waving the rent for the time that we were cleaning up.                                                   

The enormous amount of work that has been done in this time was not possible without the very dedicated group of volunteers that have spent hours and hours to get it all done.                                                                                                                  In all the years of being involved I made sure not to name individuals when thanking for a job well done, just in case you forget some body.                                                        I always made sure to thank all the volunteers.                                                                But, there is always a first time for everything and this time I think it is warranted to name all the volunteers that have worked so many hours, some even during Easter weekend, right up until the last cleaning day. It has not been easy, physical hard work as well as emotional of seeing the 40 years coming to an end.                                         THANK YOU………...THANK YOU…………. THANK YOU.                                              

Allan and Trudy Potter, Ian and Marlene Turnbull, Herman and Gerda Zirkzee, Jono and Erica Barnes, Henk van Leeuwen, Sjoerd Rasker, Alice v. d. Heg, Mia Joosten.                                                                                                              John Joosten Vice President

May 2020 Kitchen Corner

News Item

I hope everyone is ‘settled’ and safe at home. For those who are still working, please be careful and keep checking yourself as to how you feel. To be safe and feel well is in todays’ circumstances the best way to be.                                                                                                            I have kept myself busy with all my hobbies. Some sewing of the worst kind; oven-mitts.  Have you ever tried to sew oven-mitts and when they are finished, (you think they are but that is not so) they need to be turned the right way out. Well I finished the lot that I very excitedly cut out and I will never in my life do that again.  I’ll stick to potholders. Lol. I also experimented with some packeted cake mixes. The banana bread turned out perfect. Next to try was brownies. They were renamed (by myself) to chocolate rock cakes. Lucky I have nice neighbours who love my cooking.  The other thing that keeps me busy is the garden. It was at a stop because we had booked a holiday for May. That is now cancelled for the time being and I am trying to grow some vegies. It takes a bit of time, so for now the frozen vegies from last season (yes I was successful) will be enjoyed first. My last but not least way of keeping out of mischief is the magazine. This keeps me busy for the next couple of days. There are a few more members who voted for the magazine by email. Thank you for saving postage.         Stay safe all of you.                     Mia

May 2020 Birthdays

News Item

Happy Birthday to all May babes

Marlena Becker; Marinus Kole; Bert Bronkhorst; Loes Cicco-Kalf;
Frances de Lange; Rita de Wal; John Deegens; Kitty Dries;
Maria Eijkenboom; Johanna Gribble; Cornelis Eyndhoven; Truus Haak;
Annie Jagt; Jan Joosten; Engelina Lambregts; Jeannette Kop;
Bep Langereis; Riet Mabelis; Harry Reyden; Adriana Oerlemans;
Amanda Voets; Lucia Reynders; Suzan van der Mast;
Darren & Wendy Wilson; John Roach; Bea Turner; Karen Cartwright; Rodney van Houten; Frank en Ria van den Nieuwboer; Finie van Emmerik;
Bep van Kouterik; Lenie Zirkzee; Kathy van Oeveren; Charles Verheyden; Michelle Zirkzee; Jacqueline Windle; Paul Christman; Michelle Heaslip; 
        Have a great Birthday everyone!!!
           Best wishes to everyone in sick-bay

Vice Presidents Report April 2020

News Item

President's Report April 2020
This month has been emotionally draining with the final emptying and relocating of goods and equipment from our old club, arranging our containers to be stored at a member’s business property and improved ideas for our new location.
Some of our plans are now in disarray for most people after the corona virus outbreak. We have been forced, after calculating the real risk, combined with our duty of care, obligations to postpone to a later date for our Friday meetings.
I can assure the members that the board of directors reluctantly agreed to this decision, for the safety of our members and guests.
However our Wednesday mornings will remain open unless we are advised by council to cease trading. The Wednesday shopping, because of small numbers of members still being allowed to purchase their Dutch food treats, is thought to be a much lower health risk.                                                                               
Staff are doing their utmost to sanitize all surfaces where possible.        
I thank you all for your continued support in this crisis.                               
                   Allan Potter
After the President’s report was send in, things have changed.           
 For now the Rembrandt Club is at a total shut down.
All halls are closed, that includes the hall that was hired by the club. Nobody over 70 is to leave their home unless there is an urgent need for it.
That leaves only one thing to say
                        STAY AT HOME

Kitchen Corner April 2020

News Item

The President’s report says it all.                                                               
Just when you think it’s all going well the world is put on hold.         
Let’s not dwindle too much on the advice given to all of us,          
   JUST DO IT AND STAY HOME                                                                                    The old club building is emptied and it is a weird feeling to see walls and floors and nothing else. The building will be used by the new owner until it is time to demolish it and make room for new buildings. I had a year to get use to this and it took this long to now say; so be it! We have to get over it. I am done with the cooking and cleaning. It is up to the new board/generation to work even harder on a new premises. They need all the support we can give them. 
On a different note; my body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant that when I pee it automatically cleans the toilet    
See you all when times change.
Stay safe    Mia

Happy Birthday April 2020

News Item

Gerda Aalbrecht; Michaela Baers; Kelly Bailey;      
Anita Bakkers; Leny Battishall; Herman Brookhouse;
Thornton Brown; Peter de Vries; James Giddens;
Malcolm Gribble; Henk Haak; Jos Haarsma;
Thea Knubben; Gerard Kuilder; Albert Lambregts;
Lowie Lemmerman; Alphons Lette; Gerard Petra;
Phillip & Sara Mendham; Ray Oonk;
Janette Pincott; Darren Roberts; Gonnie Terpstra;
Bernard & Gai Schoemaker; Tonny van Gaalen;
Phillip Wall; Natalie Wewer; Jacqueline Windle;

                   Have a great Birthday everyone!!!

Update April 2000

News Item

Due to decisions made by the government and in the interest of everyone’s health, the Rembrandt Club will not be trading.   Until further notice.

When normality returns we will get back          
 WITH        Klaverjas
              Dutch Class
All cancelled until further notice

Your magazine will be the only contact with the Rembrandt Club for a while.
Do you know that we have a
Facebook: Rembrandt Dutch Club

You can also email some funny stories to keep everyone smiling.
           Thank You in advance RED.

Presidents Report February 2020

News Item

President's Report January 2020
        This month with the assistance of our wonderful volunteers we have had a busy time including our final moving sale which was a great success and the relocation of some of our much loved memorabilia to other happy homes.                                                                                                               At our old premises work still persists at a steady pace with the removal of a lot of pre-loved items accumulated over the past few decades.                                                                                                       These items are of no further use for the new premises, please contact staff if you require these items at bargain basement prices.                                                                                                            Edward had some great advertisement banners made, which should help members feel at home.                                                                                                                 I am pleased to see more freshly signed up members who have expressed interest in our club, as our membership offers great hospitality and comradery.                                                                                                             The Board of Directors welcomes all our existing and new members to our new venue. I am sure as usual to receive your valuable ongoing support.                                                                                Allan Potter

Ambassador Marion Derckx

News Item

Marion Derckx officially becomes Netherlands Ambassador to Australia
On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove received the Letters of Credence from Marion Derckx, the new Netherlands Ambassador to Australia.                                                                                                                                                                                 Presentation of Credentials
Ambassador Derckx was picked up at her residence and driven to Government House in Yarralumla in the Crown Car. The Ambassador was accompanied by Deputy Head of Mission Mr Erik de Feijter, Defence Attaché Ltcol Elmar Hermans and acting Police Attaché Mr Rob van den Berg. At Government House, Ambassador Derckx presented her Credentials, signed by King Willem-Alexander, to His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth Of Australia. She also delivered a personal greeting from Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove.
After a conversation with the Governor-General in his study and the official photographs, the Ambassador was escorted to the saluting point in front of the Guard of Honour, where a Royal Salute was accorded, the Dutch national flag broken and the Dutch national anthem played.                                                                                                                                                  The Ambassador also inspected the Guard of Honour and Band. A second Royal Salute was accorded at her departure when the Crown Rolls-Royce drove the Ambassador back to her residence.                                                                                                                                                                   Mission in Australia
Ambassador Derckx studied agriculture at Wageningen University and commenced her career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1989. Prior to her posting in Australia she was the Ambassador to the Netherlands in Manila, the Philippines.                                                                                          About her posting in Australia, the ambassador says; ‘Australia and the Netherlands are culturally and politically very close. We share values and insights about what is important, e.g. the international rules based order and respect for human rights. The aftermath of the MH17 tragedy brought us even closer. Our trade and investment relations are ever growing. More than 350.000 Australians are of Dutch descent, and this brings in a more personal element: a considerable part of my family has the Australian nationality. Based on our friendly ties, the Netherlands strives for more intensified cooperation with Australia on the global stage. I look forward to contributing to that intensified partnership between our countries during my assignment.’                Ambassador Derckx will also be accredited to Nauru, Papua New-Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Contact details | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra:
Press enquiries | Femke Withag 02 6220 9408

Contact Information Passport and other services
Website (with full details of services provided in Australia and how to apply)
E-mail or Phone +61 2 62 20 94 00 (24 hours, 7 days a week)                                                   Consulate-General Sydney
Mr Frank van Beuningen Consul-General Email or Phone +61 2 93 87 66 44 (24 hours, 7 days a week)


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