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Kitchen Corner November 2017

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The Braderie/ Mini-Market was a great success. Most visitors mentioned that is was ‘gezellig’. We had visitors from Canberra, Hunter Valley and Newcastle. The accordion music from Herman and Elvis songs from Sheryl made this a special event. The very last song ‘Halleluja’ topped the lot. A big thank you to all the volunteers that  turned up on the day.  Everything run smoothly thanks to you. The ‘Stepping On’ program is going well. Everyone that is participating is enjoying all the advice and each other’s company. There are always funny moments between the serious stories. The second session was done by physiotherapist Aaron who works at the Nepean Hospital. The third session is all about home hazards. Fourth session; Safety foot-ware and pedestrian safety. Fifth session: Balance and strength exercises and vision dogs. Sixth session: Falls risks, a pharmacist as guest speaker.  Last session a dietician guest speaker. For the ladies (and one gentleman) that take the effort in joining every Wednesday. Thanks to you we have the opportunity to get our club involved in these programmes. In October we had two Sri Lanka events and both were successful. The next Sri Lanka night will be in February 2018. This December there will be two Christmas dinner nights. One with Dutch Connection and one with (Sh)Elvis. Please look at the middle page for more info.                                                                     For now please no more donations of goods for the next mini Market, until further notice. We are running out of storage space.                                                                                                                         See you in the kitchen.         Mia


Happy Birthday November 2017

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Karl Bachner; Jackie Bavell; Gerard Bekkers; Susan Davey; Truus Engel; Grete Erichsen; Jennifer Haarsma;Geertje Hahn; Margaret Hardy; Lynette Hutchens; Katja Jefferys; Jennifer Joosten; Ingrid Kacir; Margaret Koek; Wolfgang Kubale; Carmen Lewis;Voltaire Lusica; Jos Mathot; Joke Mathot; Christine McKinnon; Catharina Milner; Cheryl Smart; Anna Noot; David Mortimer; Doky Noordeloos; Joyce Reitsma; Christine Roach; Margaret Schutte; Regina Wolff; Willem Smit; Eddie & Magda van den Brink; Nellie van der Voort; Annie van de Mortel; Henk van Leeuwen; Kees van Wijk; Mathew Wilson;

Have a great Birthday everyone!!!

Presidents Report October 2017

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President’s Report October 2017                                                          

This month will be one of many functions, such as, Wednesday the 4th of October Leidens’ Ontzet. On Sunday the 8th of October our choir will be celebrating their annual concert, free for members and their guests.                                                                                                                                                                  On Sunday the 14th of this month the choir will participate in the Male choirs Festival of Music in the Wollongong entertainment centre with more than 350 male voices singing some of the classical grand pieces.                                                

On Saturday the 21st (SOLD OUT) and Sunday the 22nd our Sri Lanka friends will have one of the top entertainers from Sri Lanka to perform in our club, tickets are selling fast, so if you want to be in it, book now.                                                     

And to top the month of, the last Sunday of the month, the 29th we will be having our first braderie, which could be called a glorified garage sale, so you will find very new and used items in A-one condition for a very cheap price and it is all inside the club with the kitchen open all day for some nice snacks and we will have life music on stage all day. You could also call this a mini Festival with plenty to do and see for Young and old. Don’t miss it.                                      

Then last but not least the first Sunday in November (5th) our A.G.M. For the future of our club this is the most important day of the year as you, the members have to decide who will be running the club for the next year and yes I know the present committee has done a fantastic job for years, but we all getting a day older and it would be so good to get some new ideas into the organisation. So please talk to some of your member friends and see if you can nominate some new blood into our committee to secure the future. We welcome and accommodate any changes and as they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

J. Joosten president


When:            Sunday November 5

What is this: Annual General Meeting

What time:   2pm

Kitchen and bar open from noon for lunch

Afternoon tea for all members attending

Kitchen Corner October 2017

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Kitchen Corner                                                               I have to apologies for incomplete news and mistakes in the magazine. For not mentioning all names of deceased members. Sorry Doky Noordeloos for not mentioning your husband Jan’s passing. In some cases the family prefers no announcement.                                   If they do they will let me know.                                   

When asked to announce anniversaries of deceased members I have to say; I don’t think making a memorial out of this magazine is a good thing.                                                                                                    The stall at Rochford Place where we were selling Dutch donuts and krokets did well. If the weather was a bit cooler it would have been a bigger success overall. Still worthwhile for the donut and kroket lovers. We’ll do it all again next year. 

                                                                                              The fundraising for Epilepsy held at your club was a great success. People attending were dressed up for the show ‘Elvis meets Tom Jones’.                                                The hall was a rocking, colourful place, with great music.

NEXT YEAR SUNDAY   January 21                                            Celebrating 40 years Rembrandt Dutch Club 

The anniversary year for the Rembrandt Dutch Club will start with a Celebration Sunday January 21. 2018.            All members are welcome to come up with ideas for celebration.                                                                

WANTED; Volunteers for the Braderie Sunday October 29.     Some sit- down jobs available.                                  

Don’t forget to; Nominate a board member (or two), order chocolate letters, and register your little ones for Sinterklaas. Special forms for all these are available from the kitchen counter.

See ya all at the kitchen counter                       Mia      

If you find any mistakes in the magazine,                                                                   congratulations, you have been reading it.


Volunteer wanted

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Your club is looking for a volunteer with free time to: update the membership, print membership cards, mailing labels and the birthday list. All computer work. No money handling involved.                                                                                               Thank you to the volunteer that looked after all these for many years, but wants to go on permanent leave at the Christmas time. You did a great job which involved a lot of patience figuring out all the Dutch names.                                                        If you think you can do it contact Mia @ the club to work out what day you can come in to do this.                                                   



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We still collect;                                                                                                               

Bread-bag-clip and tea-bag- end bits for ROTARY.                                                                                                                                                                   Used reading glasses for LIONS AUSTRALIA                                                                                                                                                  

No MORE egg cartons and empty jars until further notice                                                                                      

Thank you everyone that has been and still is collecting      

Happy Birthday October 2017

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October Babes                                                                        MarianMarian Achten; Tony Lette; Tjitske Buddeke; Barbara Cain; Helen de Haan; Lucie de Vries; George Galea; Michael Gillies;

Hendrik Hahn; Ineka Hayes; William Heymans; Paul Hibbard;  Marja Hofsteede; PJ Westbury; Louis Leermakers; Henry Louwen; Elien Weeks; Nell van der Jagt;Robin Magarigle;Riet Verwey; Teena Sondermeyer; Bruce & Shirley Turner; Egbert van der Wal; Hans & Anita Van Kuyk; Lies van Leeuwen; Rita van Valkenburg;

Martin Langendijk; Fred Ballas; Neil Watkins;


Have a great Birthday everyone!!!


If your name should be here and it is not, my apologies.

Last month Peter Verwey’s name was missing.

So, to Peter a belated Happy Birthday.


      To all our members in sick-bay

            GET WELL SOON

Presidents Report September 2017

News Item

Home sweet home, there is nothing better in the world.

It was great to visit the family and friends overseas and we could not have had a better time.

Only drawback is, to much food and drinks, but with all the functions coming up I am sure that problem will be rectified in no time.

Talking about functions, one of the important ones is on Sunday the 8th of October, our annual concert of the choir

Due to the fact that we will have our big Male Choir association concert on the Saturday after on the 14th of October in Wollongong, we have not been able to invite another choir for our annual concert, so the programme for the 8th of October will be that our choir will perform some of the new songs that we have been working on and the rest of the afternoon will be filled with Andre Rieu on the big screen. This being a free service to all members, we hope to have a full house on the day

For people that want to join us and the other choirs in Wollongong, see the advertising in this magazine. It will be a special experience to see and hear 400 male voices on stage, not to mention one of the best bands in the country.

Then on Saturday the 23 of September there is the annual festival at Rochford place in Ropes Crossing, and if last year’s festival was an indication of what to expect, this one will be even bigger and better.

Come and visit us at the Rembrandt “Oliebollen and croquette “stall

        J. Joosten president

Kitchen Corner September 2017

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Kitchen Corner                                                                                          

After 2 months away it is time again to put a magazine together.   We had a great time with our family overseas, but now it is back to work. The first thing I did when we got home was cook up a healthy pot of soup in my own kitchen. Something fresh and healthy, after 7 weeks of Limburgse vla and cakes. We did enjoy every bit of it but enough is enough. Gaining three kilos each is not too bad, but to loose them again is a harder task. Lots of fresh fruit and vegies will help.                                                                   

This month we plan to have a fundraiser on September 24. All monies raised go to research for epilepsy. One of the artists on stage will be Sheryl, the best female Elvis impersonator. I hope to see a few members there.  Read more about it on the middle page.                                                             In October we’ll have more Sri Lanka entertainment. More about this in next months’ magazine.                                                       

During the last two months a few members have passed away. Amongst them Wiebe Bruinsma and Jan Grabijn. Wiebe did a lot of work for the Dutch community. Some of you might remember him on his pushbike racing over the Fairfield festival grounds, gathering and giving out information. He was also the Dutch class teacher for our club for some time.                                                                             Jan Grabijn was one of the foundation members of the Rembrandt Dutch Club.  He joined his wife Willy in Dutch Club heaven. We send our deepest sympathy to both families.                                                Mia                                                                    

Happy Birthday September 2017

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September Babes                  Darlene Apps; Milka Bekkers;

Gesina Den Dulk; Judy Hansell;

Rebecca Hook; Leigh Roeleven;

Gerda Mak; Roselynn Parnell;

Phyllis de Sylva Mary-Anne

Pellaers; Inge Schr�edter;

Erika Barnes; Elvie Prins;

Adriana van der Wal;

Danielle Bruce; Sandra Skarsky;

Victoria Theuma; Edith van As;

John Hansell;

Cheryl D’Abrera; David & Heidi Wewer;

Peter Plowman; Theo ten Brummelaar;

John Windle; Arie van der Mast;

Henk Verbeek; Jan Snellen;

Ruben Alcantara; Piet Bakker;

Ryk van Os;

Harry Lloyd;                                        


Presidents Report July 2017

News Item

Dutch clubs in New South Wales.

Dutch Australian Society in Illawarra                        65 years old

Concordia New Castle                                                  60 years old

Rembrandt Dutch Club                                                 39 years old

We had the privilege to be invited on Sunday the 18th of June to Wollongong, “Service of Remembrance and Gratitude “, and what an afternoon it was.

It was a combination of singing, Prayers, a PowerPoint presentation about 65 years Dutch in the Illawarra and thanks giving to all persons past and present that have made this club one of the most

Integrated Dutch Australian clubs in Australia.

Their own choir Pro Musica started the afternoon with the well-known Dutch song the “Zangers Mars “. After a welcome to all, the Dutch and Australian national anthems were sung by all present.

Between some readings by the reverent Gert Felt and Father Ron Peters the choir, assisted by the audience sang “Wilt Heden Nu Treden in Dutch and English.

On a lighter note we than sang all together some of the Old Dutch songs, such as, Kleine café aan de haven, Daar bij die molen, and Tulpen uit Amsterdam.

After a final prayer we all sang the final song “Ere zij God “[Praise the Lord]

Then it was time to cut the birthday cake and this was done by their eldest member, who by the way, was a member of the inaugural committee and still dances the nights away at the age of one hundred and one.

Well done Tiny Zuiderwijk

The idea from father Ron Peters to include in this celebration a thanks giving was a brilliant one and we were very humbled to be part of this as guest of honour together with the Consul General and the mayor of Wollongong.

On behalf of the Federation of Netherland Societies I like to thank and congratulate the organising committee for a special job well done.

P.S. Early next year we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary.

Any ideas?   Any volunteers to organise this? 

Please let us know...

                                             J. Joosten president.

The world ended in Mango Street

News Item

Press release │ Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra June 2017

The Dutch diplomatic mission in Australia proudly support the production of ‘The World Ended on Mango Street’, a documentary about a Dutch woman who spent several years in a Japanese concentration camp in Indonesia during WWII. The contribution is made through the Shared Cultural Heritage funding program.                                      

The World Ended on Mango Street is a documentary by Australian filmmaker Thomas Watson about his grandmother, Yvonne Holman; a Dutch woman who was imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp in Indonesia for three years and later migrated to Australia. In Australia, Mrs. Holman raised a family of four children but never shared her story with her family, creating an atmosphere of secrecy that deeply affected them. She passed away in 2013.                                                             

It was not until he met French filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Brelière that Watson realised how necessary it was to answer the questions his grandmother left. According to Watson, many children whose parents were the victims of the Japanese concentration camps in Indonesia grew up never knowing what happened, which resulted in a lot of conjecture and suffering. This film is an opportunity to acknowledge that. The film reconnects the Australian family to their Dutch heritage.            

The filmmakers went to the Indonesian Camp Lampersari in Semerang city, where Mrs. Holman was imprisoned, to learn more about her long-kept secrets. They also visited the Netherlands where they interviewed Thomas’ great-uncle Robert, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp for boys called Bangkong. He is Mrs. Holman’s last living family member.       

The documentary shines a light on a dark but important chapter in the shared military and migrant history of Australia, Indonesia and the Netherlands that should not be forgotten. The World Ended on Mango Street will be released in 2017 and screened throughout Australia and in South Korea.                                      

More information           Website |  

Facebook |

Vimeo |

Media contact documentary: Thomas Watson">

Media contact Embassy: Femke Withag">



The place she used to know

News Item


Hi. I have recently released a novel about my mother's migration from Holland to Australia in the 1950's. I thought it might be of interest to your page followers and members. You can read more about it here: (it's available for purchase as an e-book or print version)

I was also recently interviewed on SBS Dutch Radio about the book:

Thanks for reading my message!

Michelle. Resident of Glenmore Park NSW

About The Book Five year old Else lives in a bleak, post-war Europe. Her parents, having survived World War 2, now despair for the future of their family in their country of birth. Posters promising 'The Land of Tomorrow' and a bright future spur them to pack up their meagre possessions and sail across the world. The Place She Used To Know follows Else's journey from the freezing, flat tablelands of Holland, to the unpredictable and often harsh conditions of Australia. Else's story will resonate with post-War migrants and their descendants, giving insight to the fighting spirit required to survive and prosper in a new world.                                                               About The Author The Place She Used to Know is the first novel by author Michelle Grice. Since Michelle was 7 years old, her goal has been to write a book, and her mum's migrant experience seemed a great place to start. Michelle has long been interested in finding out more about what it must have felt like to migrate to a foreign country as a child. She hopes this book will serve as a history lesson of Australia in the late 1950's-early 1960's, and a record of one Dutch family's settlement in a new country.


Birthday July August

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John Battishall; Chris Bulle; Donald Cobcroft;

Cecilia de Rooy; Miriam Docters van Leeuwen;

Elsje Franke;Tony & Flora Fautoeboen;

Gregory Goldsmith; Els Heymans; Lisa Hagarty;

Helena Hulsebosch; Steven Huygen; Roelie Kojic;

Nicholas Joseph; Renate Kohnertz; Tony Kuilder;

Brendan Kop; Suzie Langendijk; Teun Zirkzee;

Hubertus Mallens; Sebastian Meany; Mary Rosa;

Cornelis Merkx; Alida Mortimer; George Pieren;

Geertruida Potter; Richard Rieksen;

Karma Rowe; Jan Schutte; Jenny van Asten;

John van den Giessen; Helmut Weber;

Henrietta van Kuyk; Kitty van Tongeren;

Stephen Weeks; Anthony Dries;



Gonny Aspinall; Jason Bailey; Henry Bavel;                       Bernard Becker; Tonny Beemster; Tony Wolf;                    Rainie Beerens; Rosalie Brown; Ron Charles;                  Harke Cleveringa; Angela den Dulk; Gail Olsen;                    Michael Eijkman; Annemarie Eyndhoven;                           Marlena Grunwald; Edwin Haas; Linda Hayward;                   Luke Heise; Glenda Hofland; Fif Hugenholtz;                      Ewald Klinkenberg; George Knubben;                               Elizabeth Kommer; Henk Kuilder; Craig You;                   Emmy Leermakers;  Ilse Lovering; Patrick Prins;                Reinier Veerman; Wilhelmina Pieren;                              Patricia Rieksen; Thomas Scheerhoorn;                        Peggy Scott; Gail Treuer; Lisa Tienstra;                           Victor Voets; Joop Stoové; Francis Theissen;                     Johan Wewer; Ella van Bavel; Elsa van der Burg;                Riki Veenhuis; Astrid van Leeuwen; Chris van Valkenburg;        Aleida Vandermey; Tony and Freda Wilson-Williams;

UNBELEAVABLE!!!!!! The big 106 Years Johanna Zirkzee 




Waar zijn wij?

News Item

Rembrandt Dutch Club is in St Marys

87 Dunheved Circuit

Het is een industrie park, dus als je denkt dat je verdwaald bent dan ben je bijna daar.

Calendar 2017

News Item

Event in 2017

Saturday September 23 Krokets & oliebollen @ Rochford Place  Ropes Crossing

 - - - - - - - - -

Sunday 24 September; Seize Ur Day.

Come shake for a Cause & Support Epilepsy Australia.                                                                     

Time: 1pm till 8pm. Cost: $5 entry fee (Kids under 10 are free)                      

Entertainment: All day music, line dancing, rock’nroll, evening 'Elvis meets Tom' show, raffles, pinups & cars. 

Food: BBQ, cake stall, coffee.        

All proceeds go to Epilepsy Australia                                     


- - - - - - - - -

Wednesday October 4 Mid-week lunch            

 Leidens’ Ontzet.  Haring and hutspot

Coffee ready at 11am followed by Lunch,                                   (Rembrandt toetje) desert, Raffle,Entertainment

Members $12. Non-members $16. Per person

For catering purpose please book your seat


 Sunday October 8 Choir concert with The Great Western Male Choir. A preview of the upcoming bi-annual concert

After the break a Andre Rieu show on the big screen


The big event of 2017

MCAA FESTIVAL – 13th to 15th October 2017
    Event Location
Wollongong Sports and Entertainment Centre


Wednesday October 11 @10am Stepping On.                                             

Have you got a problem with keeping your body in balance or are you falling over?

A free program for Rembrandt Club members

Presented by Nepean Multicultural Health

Registration forms @ your club


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday October 29th From 10am till 4 pm


Braderie/Bazaar at the Rembrandt Club

(Mini market with food, drinks and live music)


Coffee and oliebollen. Krokets and frikandellen

Broodje Haring, broodje tongeworst and more        

For Sale; New and near new items

Collectors’ items, Dutch souvenirs

Entertainment all day

Herman (Dutch melodies)  And (ShElvis)


Sunday November 5 AGM at your club


Christmas Dinner with Dutch Connection

Saturday December 16


More midweek lunches in  October and December

You don't have to be a senior to enjoy the lunch.

Children are welcome too, under supervision of an adult.

- - - - - - - - - 

Klaverjas competition Sunday September 10 and November 13

During these competition days the shop is also open to the public.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sinterklaas party for the young ones. Please see the Sinterklaas page.

There is no age limit for persons attending this event, however, only children that are registered can enter the premises for this event.


Join our group of volunteers.

We can do it, but only, if we do it all together.


- For any event. Always book early. Or be disappointed.

For bookings please call 96232569 and speak to Leny Gerda or Mia.

Any changes to dates and/or entry fees are entirely up to the committee.Information for members and their guest



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