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Presidents Report March 2019

News Item

Sydney has been hot the last few month, but after spending last week in Mount Isa to celebrate our daughters 50th birthday I have changed my mind. They have the airco on all the time day and night. It is always hot and if you’re outside your never alone, there are millions of fly’s with you. I must admit it is the first time I have seen Mount Isa green after the recent rains and floods. The railway line between Townsville and Mount Isa needs 300km replacement and in numerous places the roads are closed, due to flood damage and yet the farmers in North Queensland have to kill their stock, due to the drought.                                          The Queensland government is spending millions of dollars towards all these problems, but no one has the guts to tackle the real problem for a long time solution; build more dams and a pipeline so the whole country has enough water. That is too easy.                                                        Anyway my holiday is over and now it is full steam ahead for our Festival, starting coming Sunday the 3rd of March with a volunteer information day starting at 2.00pm.  (Club open at noon)                                                                                              If you or one of your family members and or friends would be able to lend us a hand during the festival that would be very much appreciated and on Sunday you can find out where and what you can do to help your club.                                  See you Sunday. J. Joosten

Kitchen Corner March 2019

News Item

       The Captain Cook talk on Sunday Feb. 3 was enjoyed by everyone attending.
I myself found it extremely interesting because it started the life story with James Cook’s grandparents, the way they lived and how hard they had to work to survive. Anyone thinking that Captain Cook just boarded a ship and sailed across the seas, forget it. 
    The speaker was in the captains’ outfit when he spoke as the Captain which made it even better.
                                  Thank you Captain Cook for visiting our club.
        The Klaverjas Competition was well attended and the kitchen was flat out. Most visitors enjoyed boterkoek or kersevla with their coffee.
We sold quite a few broodjes haring because they were getting scares.
The new load will be arriving soon.                                                                                                                    The eel should be in as from the 1st of March. I know there are a few members waiting eagerly to taste that scrumptious fish again.
The Festival stock is slowly arriving. If there is an article that you would like us to stock let us know and we try our best.
            Hope to see you all at the Volunteers get-together on          Sunday   March 3 at 2pm                                                           
                After the questions (your questions) have been answered we’ll have afternoon tea.
      Tell all your elderly friends about senior day on the Friday of the Festival.
                    See you all at the club.           Mia

Ambassador Marion Derckx

News Item

Marion Derckx officially becomes Netherlands Ambassador to Australia
On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove received the Letters of Credence from Marion Derckx, the new Netherlands Ambassador to Australia.                                                                                                                                                                                 Presentation of Credentials
Ambassador Derckx was picked up at her residence and driven to Government House in Yarralumla in the Crown Car. The Ambassador was accompanied by Deputy Head of Mission Mr Erik de Feijter, Defence Attaché Ltcol Elmar Hermans and acting Police Attaché Mr Rob van den Berg. At Government House, Ambassador Derckx presented her Credentials, signed by King Willem-Alexander, to His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth Of Australia. She also delivered a personal greeting from Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove.
After a conversation with the Governor-General in his study and the official photographs, the Ambassador was escorted to the saluting point in front of the Guard of Honour, where a Royal Salute was accorded, the Dutch national flag broken and the Dutch national anthem played.                                                                                                                                                  The Ambassador also inspected the Guard of Honour and Band. A second Royal Salute was accorded at her departure when the Crown Rolls-Royce drove the Ambassador back to her residence.                                                                                                                                                                   Mission in Australia
Ambassador Derckx studied agriculture at Wageningen University and commenced her career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1989. Prior to her posting in Australia she was the Ambassador to the Netherlands in Manila, the Philippines.                                                                                          About her posting in Australia, the ambassador says; ‘Australia and the Netherlands are culturally and politically very close. We share values and insights about what is important, e.g. the international rules based order and respect for human rights. The aftermath of the MH17 tragedy brought us even closer. Our trade and investment relations are ever growing. More than 350.000 Australians are of Dutch descent, and this brings in a more personal element: a considerable part of my family has the Australian nationality. Based on our friendly ties, the Netherlands strives for more intensified cooperation with Australia on the global stage. I look forward to contributing to that intensified partnership between our countries during my assignment.’                Ambassador Derckx will also be accredited to Nauru, Papua New-Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Contact details | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra:
Press enquiries | Femke Withag 02 6220 9408

Contact Information Passport and other services
Website (with full details of services provided in Australia and how to apply)
E-mail or Phone +61 2 62 20 94 00 (24 hours, 7 days a week)                                                   Consulate-General Sydney
Mr Frank van Beuningen Consul-General Email or Phone +61 2 93 87 66 44 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

Happy Birthday March 2019

News Item

Paulus Breedveld; Anna Beugeling; Wietske Bruisma; Gerard Daley; Nel de Bruyn; Nancy Farlow; Kees van der Voort; Jan Giles; Gil Kommer; Peter Mathyi; Theo Langenberg; Johanna Louwen; Gloria Short; Bep Maasland; Angela Maganic; Bernadine Mathyi; Frank Pellaers; Hedi Roggeveen; Marlene Turnbull; Anna Pennings; Theo & Nellie Schaaf; Robin Steele; Cornelia Sondemeyer; Petronella van Os; Riet Koppelhouber; Stuart Brown; Maree Wolthers; Hans van der Jagt; Joseph Jagt; Jannie Kuilder; Sharon Klinkenberg; Leanne Gray; Alek van der Heg;
Gemma Verbeek; Elaine Buckingham;

Presidents Report January 2019

News Item

A happy New Year to all our members, their families and friends.
May this year bring you all you wished for and may it be a healthy one
It seems that the time is going faster all the time, but after getting a new watch for Christmas, last time I checked it was still 24 hours in a day.
While some people went on holidays, a few of your committee members have worked right through the Christmas period in preparation for our coming Festival in March.
It will be upon us before we know and we have big plans and lots of changes that we like to implement and that is where we need many hands to make the job easy.
In this magazine you will find a form to be filled in for people that want to volunteer for the Festival and we are hoping that you can talk to the younger ones in your family to give us some time in March. As we have been saying now for a while, without a successful Festival, we will have no club.
J. Joosten president..

Kitchen Corner January 2019

News Item

First of all a very Healthy New Year to you all.
We can say that the year has started as a ‘warm’ one.
So, Warm wishes to you all.
May 2019 be the best year yet.
And not just May, but every month. Lol.
               We are starting this year with a working bee. It is actually happening right here and now while this magazine is being printed.
There are plenty of little ‘jobs’ to be done.
                Next week Friday January 11 it’s back to normal for the Scrabble players, Klaverjas players and Billiard players.
The bar and kitchen will be open as usual with a small change.
There will be chips and Krokets available on Fridays for lunch.
              Last year we had a few visitors that came in for Krokets and this made us decide that we should (because we can) open for hot food from the fryer.
So, from 12 noon the fryers will be on and everyone is welcome to some good Dutch Krokets, Bitterballen and Frikandellen.                                                             
 And offcourse the ‘friet’ cooked the Dutch way; nice and brown.
             In this magazine you’ll find a leaflet to fill out.  
             It is about volunteering for the Festival. If you are not able to help we fully understand.                                                                                                               This is aimed at members and friends that are able and would like to help.
There will be a Festival Volunteer get-together on Sunday March 3
After the Festival the volunteers will come together again to say thank you and talk about the positive things that happened during the Festival.
        The new barcode system is being worked on.
Tell all your elderly friends about senior day on the Friday of the Festival.
              See you all at the club.           Mia

Notice board January 2019

News Item

DID YOU KNOW that the Rembrandt Dutch Club can arrange a wake for members, family and friends?

. Coffee/tea, sandwiches, party pies & sausage rolls, cake.

. An estimate of number of persons attending is required.

. Minimum catering 50 person. $10 per person.

. Any extras (bitterballen, krokets or other Dutch snacks) will be charged at normal kitchen price.

For any catering call the club on 96232569 and ask for Mia


Happy Birthday January 2019

News Item

Luuk Aalbrechts; Deborah Bewert; Gerard Bakkers;
Pablo Blanco; Ria Brown;  Albino Cortellazzi;
Veronica Daley;  Nicole Duffy; Cornelia Geldhof; 
Diana Holla;  Clara Kempers; Nellie Knight; 
Ante Maganic;  Edna Manalo;  Willem Muller; 
Greame Noske;  Bill Pinxteren; Allan Potter; 
Jo-Ann Rasker; Victoria Rauscher Patricia Risse;
Robert Rodgers; Connie Snellen;   Marcus van Gelderen;
Dee Vleeskens; Joyce Weeks Gerda Zirkzee; Marita Ballas; 
Adrian Alsop; John Bednar; Wilhelmina Iping; Jeno Kajan;
Gary Little; Ria van Wijk; Brian Wells; Maria Westbury;
Henry van Zanden; Alex Ziegelaar;
Have a great Birthday everyone!!!

Presidents Report December 2018

News Item

From the Federation of Netherlands Societies we received the following E mail; Subject; Valuable Dutch History.
A box of valuable information about the migration history was found dumped after the passing of a parent and recovered by the DACC (Dutch Australian Cultural Centre) at a local market in Sydney.
Please should you have any family history that you do not wish to retain please call the DACC for a pickup or leave it at the DACC Centre at the Dutch Shop in Smithfield.
Also instruct your family not to dispose any family history as it may be of great value to future generation. The Dutch are a proud race and have a proud history in this country, please ensure this information is not lost, by passing it on to the DACC for sorting and archiving
Should you be able to assist please call the DACC Chairman Mr. Paul Breedveld at 9318 1863 or his mobile 0415 227 872
Your assistance in this valuable request will be gratefully appreciated
              This is a message for young and old. It quite often occurs that when somebody passes away a lot of valuable documents and other memorabilia is disposed of by family members.     
         We are asking everybody to inform your family members before disposing of any ‘old and or Dutch items’ get in touch with the D.A.C.C. or your local Dutch club, they will make sure it will be preserved for future generations.                                                                                                                               In years to come the D.A.C.C. hopes to be able to find a place where they can display the heritage of the Dutch migrants and their contribution to this country.                                                                                                                        May I also take this opportunity to which YOU and YOUR dear ones a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and prosperous New Year.

J. Joosten President.

Kitchen Corner December 2018

News Item

The Snow White performance was a success in many ways.
The fundraiser (donations by guests) was a total of $230.00 and has been handed to Rochford Place to donate for cancer research.
Well done and thank you.
             On a different note:
Research shows that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not Happy. Bahahahaha

             In the next magazine you will find a leaflet to fill out. It is about volunteering for the Festival. If you are not able to help we fully understand. This is aimed at members and friends that are able and would like to help. You may already start thinking about what you would prefer doing.
We always need an army to do cleaning, so we can keep our 5-star certificate that we are really proud of.
Serving food is another big job for those that can stand on their feet very well. A few persons needed in the Festival stalls.
The flying darts and BBQ are two more spots open for the days.
Not to forget the shop. We are aiming to have a new barcode system going.             A few members are working hard to get it all installed in time. 
During the Festival meetings there are good vibes in the air.
Everyone is doing a great job. 2019 will be ‘great for the little ones’.
We working on games and items to keep them busy and keep the parents happy. Thanks to donations and internet shopping.

The Friday will be senior day and there will be entertainment especially for the older generation. The shuttle will be sponsored for 2019 Festival. 
This is very generous. Tell all your friends; If they can travel to St Marys Station the shuttle can bring them to the show.
    Now first a few Sinterklaas & Christmas parties. The Dutch Class and the Lions group had a ‘gezellige’ break-up dinner.
The Scrabble and Klaverjas group will have their break-up party soon. 
And then the year comes to an end.                              
Left me only to say          

Happy Birthday December 2018

News Item

John Baremans; Aart Bark; Geoffrey de Kretser; Ray Fearn; Jan Geldhof; Paul Grunwald; Mia Joosten; Rebeca Kajan; Bram Kommer; Bea Lemmerman; Rie Petra; Marinus Koek; Selvaranee Machado; Carmen Lette; Lynne Mathyi; Rosina Merkx; Glyn Miggins; Elizabeth Oonk; Sjoerd Rasker; Elisabeth & Antoon Piekar; Willem Prins; Cecilia Segara; Valery van de Giesen; Ole Nielsen; Gail Smit; Mijntje Smit; Stephen Sonius; Geraldine Taylor; Ian Turnbull; Wim Van As; Marilou van Asten; Jack van Kuijk; Margaret Verheyden; Jacoba & Danny van Dijk; Fiona Brybach; Hans Engel; Robin Reyden; Diana Beerman; Mary Griffith; Timothy Hall; Claudia Huygen; Robert Laszuk;

Notice board 2 September 2018

News Item


Hiring Dutch Volendam outfits from the club. $50. Deposit

$25. Refund when returning the outfit. Contact Gerda @ your club


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