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Presidents Report January 2020

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President's Report December 2019
This month has been a most interesting learning experience for myself to help me to fulfil my responsibilities within your club.
Under the guidance of my mentors I am being trained in all areas from the early opening, cleaning, kitchen duties, decision making to the security lock up of the club at night.
I am grateful to be assisted by a fine Board of Directors and committee members who help contribute some great ideas and solutions associated with our current relocation.
Of course the backbone of our organization that gives us valuable assistance are our volunteers these wonderful people we say a big thank you.
We are still looking for some volunteers to assist Mia in the running of our kitchen so please don't be shy if you have those special attributes give it a try.
I wish all our existing and soon to be new members a safe and happy new year.
                                                                          Allan Potter

Vice Presidents Report January 2020

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Vice Presidents report.                                                                                                                    Looking back at the year that has past, we should not be able to complain too much.                                                                                                                                     Yes, we have to move to a new premises and leave the building where we had so much memories and good times, But, just spare a moment and think of all the people that have lost everything due to the devastating fires and drought. Lives, stock, homes and properties have been lost and the fires are not all contained yet.                                                                                                                                         Let’s try to look at the bright side, we are still lucky that we are able to move to another venue where we can meet and enjoy each other’s company.                                                                                                                  So, we like to start 2020 in a positive way and wish you all a very prosperous and healthy new year and don’t forget together we can do anything and everything we put our mind to.
See you soon at the Hall in Mt. Druitt
J. Joosten.

Kitchen Corner January 2020

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Kitchen Corner         HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!
At the moment I am enjoying ‘time out of the kitchen’. That means no cooking for a few days. We are preparing for the garage sale and at the same time, sort out what kitchen equipment we will be using at the new venue and what will be stored until we find the permanent premises. During our Christmas Dinner one of our volunteers received the  ANTON KOOL AWARD. Congratulations Gerda.
Gerda Zirkzee is not the first member of our club to receive this. Quit a few were honoured in previous years. We are proud of all our volunteers. They all work hard to keep the club going.
Gerda was speechless on the night, but put a thank-you speech together which she read to the group that always join in the working bee.

Here is Gerda’s speech
I am no public speaker but I was completely speechless in more ways than one at the Christmas dinner, when Jan Joosten announced that I was the winner of this year's Anton Kool award. I would like to thank the person who nominated me, was it Jan, Mia or Marian? I don't know. (It was none of them. Red.) It was a complete surprise. I also thank Herman, my husband of over 42 years for putting up with me.
I enjoyed the DUTCH FOLKDANCING GROUP and it kept me a little fit. Dancing in clogs is harder than you think.
During my stay with ECHOES FROM THE PAST, I learnt a lot more about Dutch Regional costumes and culture. Frances Larder opened my eyes to see needle craft in a different light and I learnt a lot of different techniques. Thank you Frances.
The Rembrandt Club keeps me out of mischief as now I don't have time for it.
All three organizations help me keep in touch with my Dutch roots. We also help to educate the general community about the Dutch and The Netherlands. We are known as the silent migrants as we integrate so well, but we need to expose ourselves culturally.
On another note I want to thank you all for the friendships I have found at the club and I wish to recognise all the other volunteers for their hard work without you the club can't exist.
You realise of course that I come here just to get out of doing the house work.
Thank you,
Gerda Zirkzee

Happy Birthday January 2020

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Luuk Aalbrechts,  Adrian Alsop, Gerard Bakkers, Deborah Bewert,  Pablo Blanco, Albino Cortellazzi, Veronica Daley, Nicole Duffy, Cornelia Geldhof, Diana Holla,  Jeno Kajan, Clara Kempers, Nellie Knight, Ante Maganic, Edna Manalo, Willem Muller, Greame Noske, Allan Potter, Jo-Ann Rasker,  Victoria Rauscher, Patricia Risse,  Robert Rodgers,  Connie Snellen, Marcus van Gelderen, Henry van Zanden, Dee Vleeskens, Joyce Weeks, Wilhelmina Iping, Ria van Wijk,
Alex Ziegelaar, Gerda Zirkzee,

My sincere apology Mr.Grunwald for not mentioning your Birthday

Notice board January 2020

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Note from your Licensee. A vote of thanks to the members and guests for the good trading that we have had in the last month. We took all the bottles and cans for Return and Earn and had a record result! So thanks I have had fun.        John Battishall

Presidents Report December 2019

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President's Report November 2019                                                                                At our recent board meeting I was nominated and agreed to accept the position as your new club president. With the guidance and support of the previous, now vice president, John Joosten. I am grateful that John has agreed to share his vast knowledge and experience to assist me in this transition.                                                                                       My name is Allan Potter, I am Australian born and bred but am fortunate to be married to a Dutch born lady Geertruida.                                                                                   Working years included Australian Navy for 15 years, later receiving my trade papers as a maintenance fitter. Became president of the Minchinbury Community Centre.                        My wife and I ran a successful security company for 15 years before retiring and moving to peaceful Silverdale. We all have a lot of work ahead of us to keep the club alive, so let's give it a go!                          Allan

Kitchen Corner December 2019

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KITCHEN CORNER DECEMBER 2019                                                                           If there was ever a time of year to change your name from Ina to Mia, it’s before the fifth of December in the Netherlands, when Sinterklaas brings presents to children. You see, the Dutch love to give each other chocolate letters for Sinterklaas.  These letters are supposed to correspond to the first letter of your first (real!) name. They are made from dark, milk or white chocolate (my preference) and they are all lekker! Now, I think you’ll agree with me that those skinny letter ‘I’s don’t seem to match up to their weightier friend, the larger looking ‘M’s!  So, for the next week, I’m glad my name is Mia.                                                                                                                                                                                                    This cool tradition means that from the middle of November, till Sinterklaas’ visit on the 5th December, Dutch kids put out their tiny little clogs (or crocs, depending on preference) for Sint to pop a choccy letter in there. They are also given as gifts to friends, colleagues and family members. Or me. Just give them all to me.  See you @ your club.             Mia

Don’t forget the last smoking for this year will be on Wednesday December 4. The fish you ordered can be picked up from the kitchen on                                  Friday the 6th between 11am and 8pm.

Vice Presidents Report December 2019

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Vice Presidents report December 2019.                                                                Lots of people have lately lost their home due to the devastating bush fires, more often than not deliberate lit by arsonist, and we feel very sorry for all of them. It must be a devastating feeling to lose everything. I am now getting a bit of an idea how it must feel too lose your ‘home away from home” with the pending demolition of our club building.                                                                                                              But, it is what it is and we have to move on. We have been fortunate enough to find another hall not too far away and more importantly we think we can afford it, providing you, the members, are willing and able to adjust to the different circumstances. It will never be the same as it was up till now, but as they say “a change is as good as a holiday”.                                                                                                          All we need is your support. Your new committee, see last page, will do everything possible to make this change work. As our new hall is Blacktown Council property, The Old Cinema at 87 Mt. Druitt Rd. Mt. Druitt, we need to be patient with council and build up a good relationship to be able to get council on our side, this means that we cannot do straight away what we would like to do so we might need to improvise with some things, such as the meals available, the shop and the bar.                                         The other problem we have at the moment is that we do not have enough volunteers to make this work, so we are asking for anybody that is physical able to put your name down. One of the most pressing departments is that we need somebody that can take over the organisation of the kitchen. Mia has been doing this now with everything else for more than twenty years and it is time someone else takes over. Maybe it could be more than one person, so that the workload gets spread out a bit. Think about it, we need to fix this problem.                                                                                                      The very sad thing is that we cannot take the billiard tables to the new premises and we sincerely hope that we do not lose all the members from the billiard club. Please keep in touch with the Dutch.                                                                                                                                                                         You will also find in this magazine the different days and times that we are open. In January we will be still in our premises at St. Marys, but on the new days, Wednesdays from 10am till 100pm and on Fridays from 15.30 till 20.30. This will mean that the scrabble group and the card group have to re adjust their starting and finishing times. If we all put a bit of effort in, it will work. Our first day at the new premises will be on  Friday the 14th of February 2020.                                                                       May I take this opportunity to which all members and their dear ones a very merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.                                                                                                                                                    J. Joosten

Happy Birthday December 2019

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John Baremans; Aart Bark; Geoffrey de Kretser; Ray Fearn;  Jan Geldhof; Mia Joosten; Rebeca Kajan; Bram Kommer; Rie Petra; Marinus Koek; Carmen Lette; Lynne Mathyi; Arie Holla; Glyn Miggins; Elizabeth Oonk; Sjoerd Rasker; Elisabeth Piekar; Cecilia Segara; Valery van de Giesen; Ole Nielsen; Mijntje Smit; Stephen Sonius; Geraldine Taylor; Ian Turnbull; Wim Van As; Marilou van Asten; Jack van Kuijk; Margaret Verheyden; Jacoba & Danny van Dijk; Fiona Brybach; Hans Engel; Robin Reyden; Timothy Hall;

Visitor award

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Presidents report November 2019

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This year must have been without doubt the most stressing year in the 42 years of our existing.                                                                                                                     Straight after the Christmas break we got the bad news that Andy Maganic had sold the property, due to health reasons. We than made the difficult decision that we would keep this devastating news between the 4 board members till after the March festival, as we had been working on this festival for about ten month we did not want to spoil the fun, and it paid off in a big way as in the end we broke all previous records. The Festival was in all ways a great success and the financial outcome will be a big help with the pending move, which will be a very expensive exercise. After the festival we started looking for alternative venues and this has proved very difficult due to fact that Andy has always supported the club financially and we never had to pay a full up to date rent for the premises that we occupy.                  
 Your committee than contacted and explored some thirty venues, clubs, politicians and councils, but to no avail.                                                                                         
It was there for that we called a Special general meeting in June to find out what our aging membership would want to happen with the club, and it was decided with a great majority that we would keep the Rembrandt club going with the help of our younger generation.                                                                                                            The board than appointed a relocation committee who have been working tirelessly to find a solution to our problem. The biggest problem obviously is that our membership and the Dutch community at large is not big enough to sustain a financial future.
Our relocation committee have looked in a very short time at more than fifty other options such as scout halls, schools, and council halls, properties for sale and anything that would provide us with a new affordable home. They have put in applications for more than twenty five different council owned halls in our area hoping to find a place not too far away from here.
At the moment we are waiting conformation from Blacktown council for the hall of the old cinema in Mt. Druitt. If we can get the dates that we applied for we will be operating every Friday and most Wednesdays next year. At the A.G.M. the members were presented with a power point presentation of the hall and we are convinced that we can make it work with the backing of all our members.
It is very pleasing that so many members have already renewed their membership, if you have not renewed yet please do so a.s.a.p. We need as many members as possible to be able to continue, so talk to your children and grandchildren or give them the membership as a present for Christmas.
J. Joosten.

Kitchen Corner November 2019

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For the smoked fish lovers.
There will be another smoking session in December.
You can now place your order for Trout or mackerel.
Last day to order is November 26.
Don’t miss out. You can freeze your freshly smoked fish for Christmas.
In my house it won’t last that long. Lol
Also a reminder for the Kids’ Sinterklaas party; bookings close on November 15.

Repeating a message from February 2016
This is only for members that can receive the magazine by email and  can than read it at their leisure.
If this is you, yes YOU, have a look on the front page of your magazine where it has the website, facebook and yes the email address.                  
A simple email to the club with your name and member number saying that you won’t mind receiving a digital Penseeltje is all it needs.

For over 3 years now I have been emailing the magazine and from printing over 400 magazines per month it has gone down to just over 300.
For every email I can send it will save the club an envelope, printing, and $1.00 in postage. Please note: Soon the postage will increase.

However I must point out again; if you are not computer literate please ignore this completely.
Happy reading to you all

According to my Dutch Prisma Woordenboek the word "BOERENKOOL" wordt zo gespeld en het betekent  koolsoort met sterk krullende bladeren

See you all at the kitchen counter

Happy Birthday November 2019

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Karl Bachner; Jackie Bavell; Gerard Bekkers; Susan Davey;
Grete Erichsen; Jennifer Haarsma; Geertje Hahn; Margaret Hardy; Mark Harper; Lynette Hutchens; Shirley Hooton; Chris Knoester; Katja Jefferys; Rosalin Last; Jennifer Joosten; Ingrid Kacir; Margaret Koek; Anna Noot;
Wolfgang Kubale; Carmen Lewis; Jos Mathot; Christine McKinnon;
David Mortimer; Doky Noordeloos; Joyce Reitsma; Christine Roach; Margaret Schutte; Regina Wolff; Henk van Leeuwen; Nellie van der Voort;
Annie van de Mortel;

Ambassador Marion Derckx

News Item

Marion Derckx officially becomes Netherlands Ambassador to Australia
On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove received the Letters of Credence from Marion Derckx, the new Netherlands Ambassador to Australia.                                                                                                                                                                                 Presentation of Credentials
Ambassador Derckx was picked up at her residence and driven to Government House in Yarralumla in the Crown Car. The Ambassador was accompanied by Deputy Head of Mission Mr Erik de Feijter, Defence Attaché Ltcol Elmar Hermans and acting Police Attaché Mr Rob van den Berg. At Government House, Ambassador Derckx presented her Credentials, signed by King Willem-Alexander, to His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth Of Australia. She also delivered a personal greeting from Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove.
After a conversation with the Governor-General in his study and the official photographs, the Ambassador was escorted to the saluting point in front of the Guard of Honour, where a Royal Salute was accorded, the Dutch national flag broken and the Dutch national anthem played.                                                                                                                                                  The Ambassador also inspected the Guard of Honour and Band. A second Royal Salute was accorded at her departure when the Crown Rolls-Royce drove the Ambassador back to her residence.                                                                                                                                                                   Mission in Australia
Ambassador Derckx studied agriculture at Wageningen University and commenced her career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1989. Prior to her posting in Australia she was the Ambassador to the Netherlands in Manila, the Philippines.                                                                                          About her posting in Australia, the ambassador says; ‘Australia and the Netherlands are culturally and politically very close. We share values and insights about what is important, e.g. the international rules based order and respect for human rights. The aftermath of the MH17 tragedy brought us even closer. Our trade and investment relations are ever growing. More than 350.000 Australians are of Dutch descent, and this brings in a more personal element: a considerable part of my family has the Australian nationality. Based on our friendly ties, the Netherlands strives for more intensified cooperation with Australia on the global stage. I look forward to contributing to that intensified partnership between our countries during my assignment.’                Ambassador Derckx will also be accredited to Nauru, Papua New-Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Contact details | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra:
Press enquiries | Femke Withag 02 6220 9408

Contact Information Passport and other services
Website (with full details of services provided in Australia and how to apply)
E-mail or Phone +61 2 62 20 94 00 (24 hours, 7 days a week)                                                   Consulate-General Sydney
Mr Frank van Beuningen Consul-General Email or Phone +61 2 93 87 66 44 (24 hours, 7 days a week)


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