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President report April 2022

News Item

Valued Members,
The past months posed more challenges for our members starting with the La Nina weather
affecting many areas of NSW , creating havoc on our roads with the unbelievable amounts of heavy
rainfall flooding many low lying areas. Our sympathy goes out to the unfortunate people affected
who lost loved ones, family homes, possessions and livestock. On a brighter note I thank those
members who dared to brave the elements by attending our Wednesday mornings and Friday nights.
Your club directors have been busy arranging for the future entertainment of our members and
guests. April 8th, we have “ Jimmy Jack “ The Ultimate One Man Band . Jimmy has performed in many
great venues for over 35 years and is a must for your bucket list. Robert Brown will enthral us in the
art of Ballroom Dancing , sessions for many types of dancing will start after Easter on 22nd April from
4:30pm till 5:30pm to work up a little appetite. Our own talented Herman Zirkzee will take us down memory
lane with some accordion music on the 27th April. Our March Bingo was played utilising our new equipment
and improved rules and will return in May. Games night has evolved into a more hands on with new 6 pin
bowling and sjoelbak as well as tabletop games for young and old. As always thank you to our members and
guests for their continued support, stay safe, see you at the Rembrandt Club. Allan J. Potter


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