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President report January 2022

News Item

Valued Members,
2021 will be remembered as an eventful year for many different reasons, the club had it’s first close encounter with a COVID positive test taken from a child that had attended a gathering at the hall on Monday, council alerted us during our Wednesday meeting forcing us to temporarily vacate the premises for cleaning and forced the Postponement of our AGM. These were minor events in a stop start year. In December, we were blessed with a double treat, firstly Sinterklaas with his helpers made a special appearance entertaining the children and not so young children. As extra treat, we were entertained with a delightful magic show, performed by our own Mr Magic, Sjoerd Rasker.
I hope that at a later stage we can persuade Mr Magic for a return appearance. The shop had a great trade leading into Christmas Holidays with a number of items selling out. Our Annual Christmas dinner saw many members turn up to see what our Chef had prepared, and it was outstanding. The night was made even more special with the presentation to our newest ‘Order of the night watch’ recipients. On the night, the first four awards were bestowed on two people for 2020 and two for 2021. John Battishall for his long-standing dedication to provide a service with a smile from behind the bar. Marc van Gelderen as a CPA for making sure that the club was and is accountable for their finances. Ishmam Kabir is a special volunteer that has helped streamline our financial obligations and been instrumental in navigating our many obstacles the last few years. The final award winner was Anton Mathyi , another long-standing hard working volunteer with a fondness for a big red suit only in early December to help make one of our special occasions that much more special for a great many years. We pride ourselves as a club that we are able to make things work with the help of a great many volunteers. Some do their work away from the club, others are always around, we all band together to deliver for our members and guests. 2022 will be our third year at Mount Druitt Hall and we plan to make it the best we can. Come and join us.
Friday the 28th is our Australia Day, celebrating living in the sunburnt country.
The arse end of the world according to one of our former prime ministers. The country that was marked on the map as ‘New Holland’ centuries ago and where lots of places bare the name of Dutch seafarers and traders. Where you ask your mate to throw another shrimp on the barbie Allan J. Potter


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