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Cheese 2021

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The job of the cheesemaker is to control the spoiling of milk into cheese. The milk is traditionally from a cow, goat, sheep or buffalo, although worldwide cow's milk is most commonly used and, in theory, cheese could be made from the milk of any mammal. The cheesemaker's goal is a consistent product with specific characteristics and organoleptic requirements (appearance, aroma, taste, texture). The crafts and skills employed by the cheesemaker to make a Camembert will be similar to, but not quite the same as, those used to make Cheddar.

Edam $19

Gouda young $20

Gouda medium $28

Gouda aged $32

Gouda classique $37

Gouda spiced $22

Leiden mature $26

Kilo prices sold per pre-cut pieces

Call Gerda 9746 8420

Call Alice 0412304837





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