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Presidents report December 2020

News Item

Valued Members,
This year has been especially eventful. Friday night crowds started off slowly, but with the warming weather that has dramatically changed and dinners have been flying out of the kitchen. Dealing with the COVID protocols has been quite a challenge and we now have a COVID Marshal.
Visitors have been cooperating, so the issue has not removed people’s enjoyment on the evenings.
Some of the traditional events like the Dutch classes have been on hold, but our special events
and theme nights on Fridays have taken off in a big way.
It is with great delight that the klaverjas group has started playing again their regular games, so bit by bit various attractions are returning back to normal.
The operation of the shop, bar and kitchen has shown to be very popular and successful and therefore profitable, allowing us to fulfil our financial obligations.
The Halloween theme night attracted a good crowd, as did the “a day at the races” theme night.
Marion’s bag full of carnival dress up goods made a huge difference to the “Prince Carnival“ event night , our events committee have even more surprises planned for us. The Kitchen has done a magnificent job by keeping up with the demand and special recipes during all these theme nights.
With all these events our licensee and barman has been kept very busy.
It is great to see not only our membership renewals still coming in but even more encouraging is the flow of new memberships that are attending our festive nights.
I thank our loyal regular club attendees for welcoming our new members by explaining some of the Dutch culture and demonstrating true comradery.
On the 7th of November I attended my first AGM meeting of The Federation Of Netherlands Societies held in Illawarra (DASI).
After listening to the reports from affiliated groups attending I was dismayed on reports of declining memberships contributing to financial hardships associated with these clubs,
I now feel proud of our own club’s achievements.
The aim of our committee is to see us progress further and deliver continuity and structure for the future of The Rembrandt Dutch Club.
Finally i would truly like to thank the Board, Committees, volunteers and all our members for your valuable assistance in keeping our club alive.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Allan J. Potter


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