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Notice board September 2020

News Item

To all members

The date for the AGM is set at November 27th
While all members are invited to attend, an RSVP is of most importance regarding the catering.
This can be done by informing the secretary Erika on 0411 176 329 or by email

Renewal payment are due before September 30. A renewal form was included in last month’s magazine, but there are more forms available in the Hall at the register. See Gerda.

Next magazine will have a nomination form included. To make a nomination you have to be a financial member.
As you can see (on opposite page) there will be freshly smoked trout available on September 18.
Orders can be placed with me (Mia) on 0402 492 887.
The orders have to be in by September the 11th.                          

On a different note; I used to write the Kitchen Corner, but times and priorities have changed. I still put together your monthly magazine and the kitchen has a different cook.  Alek (or Alice) is a great cook and she has been filling stomachs with delicious meals. I may also name her offsiders on most Fridays; Bep and Darlene. They make a good team. However, it would be great if there is another ‘cookie’ out there who can relief Alek sometimes, so she can have a well-deserved break.                          Mia


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