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Vice Presidents Report April 2020

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President's Report April 2020
This month has been emotionally draining with the final emptying and relocating of goods and equipment from our old club, arranging our containers to be stored at a member’s business property and improved ideas for our new location.
Some of our plans are now in disarray for most people after the corona virus outbreak. We have been forced, after calculating the real risk, combined with our duty of care, obligations to postpone to a later date for our Friday meetings.
I can assure the members that the board of directors reluctantly agreed to this decision, for the safety of our members and guests.
However our Wednesday mornings will remain open unless we are advised by council to cease trading. The Wednesday shopping, because of small numbers of members still being allowed to purchase their Dutch food treats, is thought to be a much lower health risk.                                                                               
Staff are doing their utmost to sanitize all surfaces where possible.        
I thank you all for your continued support in this crisis.                               
                   Allan Potter
After the President’s report was send in, things have changed.           
 For now the Rembrandt Club is at a total shut down.
All halls are closed, that includes the hall that was hired by the club. Nobody over 70 is to leave their home unless there is an urgent need for it.
That leaves only one thing to say
                        STAY AT HOME


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