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Kitchen Corner April 2020

News Item

The President’s report says it all.                                                               
Just when you think it’s all going well the world is put on hold.         
Let’s not dwindle too much on the advice given to all of us,          
   JUST DO IT AND STAY HOME                                                                                    The old club building is emptied and it is a weird feeling to see walls and floors and nothing else. The building will be used by the new owner until it is time to demolish it and make room for new buildings. I had a year to get use to this and it took this long to now say; so be it! We have to get over it. I am done with the cooking and cleaning. It is up to the new board/generation to work even harder on a new premises. They need all the support we can give them. 
On a different note; my body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant that when I pee it automatically cleans the toilet    
See you all when times change.
Stay safe    Mia


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