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Kitchen Corner January 2020

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Kitchen Corner         HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!
At the moment I am enjoying ‘time out of the kitchen’. That means no cooking for a few days. We are preparing for the garage sale and at the same time, sort out what kitchen equipment we will be using at the new venue and what will be stored until we find the permanent premises. During our Christmas Dinner one of our volunteers received the  ANTON KOOL AWARD. Congratulations Gerda.
Gerda Zirkzee is not the first member of our club to receive this. Quit a few were honoured in previous years. We are proud of all our volunteers. They all work hard to keep the club going.
Gerda was speechless on the night, but put a thank-you speech together which she read to the group that always join in the working bee.

Here is Gerda’s speech
I am no public speaker but I was completely speechless in more ways than one at the Christmas dinner, when Jan Joosten announced that I was the winner of this year's Anton Kool award. I would like to thank the person who nominated me, was it Jan, Mia or Marian? I don't know. (It was none of them. Red.) It was a complete surprise. I also thank Herman, my husband of over 42 years for putting up with me.
I enjoyed the DUTCH FOLKDANCING GROUP and it kept me a little fit. Dancing in clogs is harder than you think.
During my stay with ECHOES FROM THE PAST, I learnt a lot more about Dutch Regional costumes and culture. Frances Larder opened my eyes to see needle craft in a different light and I learnt a lot of different techniques. Thank you Frances.
The Rembrandt Club keeps me out of mischief as now I don't have time for it.
All three organizations help me keep in touch with my Dutch roots. We also help to educate the general community about the Dutch and The Netherlands. We are known as the silent migrants as we integrate so well, but we need to expose ourselves culturally.
On another note I want to thank you all for the friendships I have found at the club and I wish to recognise all the other volunteers for their hard work without you the club can't exist.
You realise of course that I come here just to get out of doing the house work.
Thank you,
Gerda Zirkzee


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