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Kitchen Corner November 2019

News Item

For the smoked fish lovers.
There will be another smoking session in December.
You can now place your order for Trout or mackerel.
Last day to order is November 26.
Don’t miss out. You can freeze your freshly smoked fish for Christmas.
In my house it won’t last that long. Lol
Also a reminder for the Kids’ Sinterklaas party; bookings close on November 15.

Repeating a message from February 2016
This is only for members that can receive the magazine by email and  can than read it at their leisure.
If this is you, yes YOU, have a look on the front page of your magazine where it has the website, facebook and yes the email address.                  
A simple email to the club with your name and member number saying that you won’t mind receiving a digital Penseeltje is all it needs.

For over 3 years now I have been emailing the magazine and from printing over 400 magazines per month it has gone down to just over 300.
For every email I can send it will save the club an envelope, printing, and $1.00 in postage. Please note: Soon the postage will increase.

However I must point out again; if you are not computer literate please ignore this completely.
Happy reading to you all

According to my Dutch Prisma Woordenboek the word "BOERENKOOL" wordt zo gespeld en het betekent  koolsoort met sterk krullende bladeren

See you all at the kitchen counter


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