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Presidents report October 2019

News Item

This month must be one of the most important months in the 42 years of the existence of our club. On Sunday the 27th of October we have our Annual General Meeting and it is than up to the majority of the members what the future of our club will look like.
As it stands at the moment we have not been able to finalise a new premises, however, that does not mean that you should not renew your membership. We are hearing to often lately, “What is the use?“ Well, if you don’t renew and we will not have enough members then it is no use at all, and all the hard work that your board and the re location committee has done in the last few month would be all for nothing.
What we need now more than ever, is as many members as possible, regardless if, when and where we will move to, your club will continue and your membership will be from October 2019 till October 2020.
The other very important item is that you nominate the right person for the committee so that we can keep operating the next 12 month and beyond.
So, I urge you all to do three things;
1    Renew your membership.
2    Nominate somebody for the committee.
3    Be present at the A.G.M.
It is the future of YOUR club that is at stake. See you all at 2pm on the 27th of this month.

J. Joosten


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