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Presidents report September 2019

News Item

After our special general meeting in July, we have formed a relocation committee, who has the task to see if they can find an alternative place to house our club. This committee consists not only of persons of the younger generation, but the board is convinced that they also have the abilities and knowhow that is required to keep the club going, as you the members have requested at that meeting. As the majority of the existing board has been there for many years and is aging very rapidly, it is of the utmost importance that we get new and younger blood in the board. In this magazine you will find a list of the present board members and also a list of the persons that have indicated that they are willing to serve at the board and keep the club going. So please, have a look, maybe talk to some of these persons and nominate somebody that is willing and able to look after the future of our club. But, before you do, make sure that you renew your membership for the coming year that will than give us an idea if there are enough members to make all this extra work worthwhile. And don’t forget , not every volunteer needs to be a board member, an organisation like ours needs at any time a lot of volunteers that have the abilities and time to get all the work done.  J. Joosten
After writing this report the board has decided the following. Regardless of the fact that we don’t know yet if and when we will be moving ANY MEMBER THAT RENEWS HIS OR HER MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR WILL RECEIVE OUR MAGAZINE FOR THE NEXT TWELF MONTHS UP UNTIL OCTOBER 2020
The following persons have made themselves available to be nominated for the board 2019-2020: The board members as it stands today.  Jack Vankuyk John Joosten     John Battishall   
Gerda Zirkzee Wolfgang Kubale Marian Achten Jos Haarsma Leny Battishall Mia Joosten
During the extra special meeting on June 30th These following persons have made themselves available also to be nominated for the board 2019-2020:                         
John Baremans Marc van Gelderen Victor Voets Bert Bronkhorst  Edward van der Meulen     Rebecca Hook Wim van As Anita Smith Erika Barnes Fif Hugenholz Emma Roorda                    Andrew Roorda


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