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Kitchen Corner July 2019

News Item


Another busy month gone by.

This is a report for those whom read the whole magazine.

I have found out that many just read the jokes.

Now for those that do not read the kitchen report you will miss the joke on the bottom of this page. Typical kitchen humor if I say so myself.

         On a different note; Time is pressing for a solution in finding a new premises. We have been looking at so many places/ buildings it is head-spinning.

        In this magazine you will find the Sinterklaas party booking form as well as the members’ renewal form.

At the kitchen counter you’ll find the chocolate letters order form.

The Sinterklaas party for the children will be the last one at these premises and the biggest ever but, at the same time we can only book a certain amount of children.

Make sure your membership is paid by October 30 to benefit;

The monthly magazine ‘t Penseeltje

Children Sinterklaas party members $10.- p. child Non-members $15.- p. child

Sinterklaas Lunch Dec. 4 Members $12.- each. Non –members $16.- each

Christmas Dinner Dec. 14 Members $20.- each. Non-members $30.- each

Membership fee

Single   $20.-      Couple $30.-

Pensioner Single $15.- Pensioner Couple $20.-

     See you @ your club.        Mia

A joke, because I can…

A couple were sitting in a restaurant.

One of them said to the waitress.

‘We don’t eat eggs, meat, fish, dairy or gluten, 

what would you recommend.

The waitress replied ‘ Maybe a taxi’.


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