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Kitchen Corner April 2019

News Item

Still recovering and at the same time pleased with the outcome of the Festival.
It was hard work as always.
We have a few new volunteers whom now understand more of what goes on behind the scene.
We survived another downpour (lucky this happened at night) and stayed on top with a smile.                                   
I even had an unexpected group hug with one of the youngest volunteers and four guest and think we were all very surprised about the spontaneous happening.
No idea who these four festival visitors were.
Now it is back to business. A few mid-week lunches and card competitions coming up. See EVENTS.
We also have quite a few private functions, but they are never advertised.
Sometimes I get asked about why there is nothing happening.
The fact is that soon there is a 50th Birthday and a huge 70th Birthday bash.
After that the next big one for the members is Christmas in July with Shelvis. This will be a dinner night and the entry price will be in the next magazine. Sheryl always presents a great show and lots of prizes. Keep the date free for a great night out.
See you in the shop.


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