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Kitchen Corner March 2019

News Item

       The Captain Cook talk on Sunday Feb. 3 was enjoyed by everyone attending.
I myself found it extremely interesting because it started the life story with James Cook’s grandparents, the way they lived and how hard they had to work to survive. Anyone thinking that Captain Cook just boarded a ship and sailed across the seas, forget it. 
    The speaker was in the captains’ outfit when he spoke as the Captain which made it even better.
                                  Thank you Captain Cook for visiting our club.
        The Klaverjas Competition was well attended and the kitchen was flat out. Most visitors enjoyed boterkoek or kersevla with their coffee.
We sold quite a few broodjes haring because they were getting scares.
The new load will be arriving soon.                                                                                                                    The eel should be in as from the 1st of March. I know there are a few members waiting eagerly to taste that scrumptious fish again.
The Festival stock is slowly arriving. If there is an article that you would like us to stock let us know and we try our best.
            Hope to see you all at the Volunteers get-together on          Sunday   March 3 at 2pm                                                           
                After the questions (your questions) have been answered we’ll have afternoon tea.
      Tell all your elderly friends about senior day on the Friday of the Festival.
                    See you all at the club.           Mia


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