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Kitchen Corner January 2019

News Item

First of all a very Healthy New Year to you all.
We can say that the year has started as a ‘warm’ one.
So, Warm wishes to you all.
May 2019 be the best year yet.
And not just May, but every month. Lol.
               We are starting this year with a working bee. It is actually happening right here and now while this magazine is being printed.
There are plenty of little ‘jobs’ to be done.
                Next week Friday January 11 it’s back to normal for the Scrabble players, Klaverjas players and Billiard players.
The bar and kitchen will be open as usual with a small change.
There will be chips and Krokets available on Fridays for lunch.
              Last year we had a few visitors that came in for Krokets and this made us decide that we should (because we can) open for hot food from the fryer.
So, from 12 noon the fryers will be on and everyone is welcome to some good Dutch Krokets, Bitterballen and Frikandellen.                                                             
 And offcourse the ‘friet’ cooked the Dutch way; nice and brown.
             In this magazine you’ll find a leaflet to fill out.  
             It is about volunteering for the Festival. If you are not able to help we fully understand.                                                                                                               This is aimed at members and friends that are able and would like to help.
There will be a Festival Volunteer get-together on Sunday March 3
After the Festival the volunteers will come together again to say thank you and talk about the positive things that happened during the Festival.
        The new barcode system is being worked on.
Tell all your elderly friends about senior day on the Friday of the Festival.
              See you all at the club.           Mia


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