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Kitchen Corner December 2018

News Item

The Snow White performance was a success in many ways.
The fundraiser (donations by guests) was a total of $230.00 and has been handed to Rochford Place to donate for cancer research.
Well done and thank you.
             On a different note:
Research shows that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not Happy. Bahahahaha

             In the next magazine you will find a leaflet to fill out. It is about volunteering for the Festival. If you are not able to help we fully understand. This is aimed at members and friends that are able and would like to help. You may already start thinking about what you would prefer doing.
We always need an army to do cleaning, so we can keep our 5-star certificate that we are really proud of.
Serving food is another big job for those that can stand on their feet very well. A few persons needed in the Festival stalls.
The flying darts and BBQ are two more spots open for the days.
Not to forget the shop. We are aiming to have a new barcode system going.             A few members are working hard to get it all installed in time. 
During the Festival meetings there are good vibes in the air.
Everyone is doing a great job. 2019 will be ‘great for the little ones’.
We working on games and items to keep them busy and keep the parents happy. Thanks to donations and internet shopping.

The Friday will be senior day and there will be entertainment especially for the older generation. The shuttle will be sponsored for 2019 Festival. 
This is very generous. Tell all your friends; If they can travel to St Marys Station the shuttle can bring them to the show.
    Now first a few Sinterklaas & Christmas parties. The Dutch Class and the Lions group had a ‘gezellige’ break-up dinner.
The Scrabble and Klaverjas group will have their break-up party soon. 
And then the year comes to an end.                              
Left me only to say          


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