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Kitchen Corner November 2018

News Item

Christmas is only a few weeks away. Looking forward to a short break.            But before we get there Sinterklaas and Father Christmas will bring the so much loved festivities.
    Sometimes members bring in a gift.
If it is something to share it will be shared. (Like the yummy oranges, eggs, bread rolls and mandarins)
If it is something to do ‘whatever you want’ with it can end up on the fundraising table. The item will find a happy owner and the club will get a few dollars.       
The other day a friend handed me not one but two beautiful aprons. I will wear them with pride.  A bit like a medal well deserved. I actually wear out more aprons than any other clothes. LOL
            A few years ago I got a few Master Chef aprons. That was after the TV series was finished and Coles was ‘throwing them out’. We wore them at a few functions and had some funny comments.
After that I got some Orange aprons from the same show and the volunteers are still wearing them. Top quality material.
Thanks everyone for all the gifts you brought in over the year.
Christmas is a time for saying thank you for everything received, not just the gift of goods but also the gift of time spend to listen. 
              There are always members that go through a rough patch. 
If this is YOU, come and visit and have a coffee with us. We are not here just for the cooking and filling up the shop.  Visit during the quite hour on Friday afternoon. It’s your club too. XX

The last day to book your young ones for Sinterklaas is November 9
Don’t let them miss out.
All children booked in will receive a personal invitation from Sinterklaas

                                   See you all in the kitchen                                                  Mia


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