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Kitchen Corner October 2018

News Item

We had a very busy month at your club. Open day was very successful.

The garage sale was maybe not as busy, but we sold a lot of goods.

Combine the two and we donate $1,000.oo to the club kitty.

With all of that we also enjoyed the days and company of volunteers (thanks guys) and visitors.

                         Natasha;           Last month we had a spur of the moment fundraiser for a young mother (of four boys) who needed brain surgery.

A beautiful handmade blanket was donated so there was a raffle.

We also made the decision that all monies from goods sold from the fundraising table would be added to this. In case persons /visitors did not want to purchase a raffle ticket or buy anything they were welcome to just put some money in the jar.

We only had 3 full weeks until the draw of the raffle and send the money to Natasha. The total was $500.                                                                                                                       But wait there is more!                                                                                                                                            At night one of our members passed on an envelope with Natasha’s name on it. There was another $500.  Instantly the amount doubled.

A few people involved got goose bumps because of this generous gift.

              Natasha’s operation was a success and we all wish for her for a speedy recovery.

                           There is a Thank You letter in this magazine.


We have received the first couple of orders for chocolate letters.

Don’t wait too long because you might miss out.


             A very new item. In soon. Chocomel from Nederland.

             We only placed a small order for now. See how the sales go.


And by the way; I put seeds in the ground and I am so bl%#@!y excited.              After one night of rain the little green bits are peeping out. I am a great gardener. Maybe not. Lol. Forgetting what I put in the ground and where, my garden will be the biggest surprise this summer.



                                   See you all in the kitchen    Mia


A Sinterklaas form (kids party)is included in this magazine


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