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Presidents Report September 2018

News Item

As we all getting older it is worrying that the good old days from the 50- 60-and 70 will slowly be forgotten. It is therefore that the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre is gathering any paraphernalia that they can lay their hands on.

To preserve the little Dutch history from the early migrants, they are collecting any old magazines such as the well-known Vogelvlucht, the Dutch Weekly or any other old magazines from Holland that someone has collected through the years. Even old photos from the time that so many migrant ships arrived in Sydney.

At the moment I am going through all the old programmes, paperwork and photos from the Rembrandt Male Choir ( 28 eight years of entertainment ) and the Great Western Male Choir ( 5 years ) so that in years to come our next generations can always look back at what happened so long ago.

If anybody out there has anything like this, please deliver it to the club and we will pass it on to the D.A.C.C.

The Dutch community has made a big impact in this country throughout the years and we don’t want to lose this part of history for our new country.

J. Joosten



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