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Kitchen Corner September 2018

News Item

Winter is almost gone. Yippee!!!!

It’s time to put some seeds in the garden and watch it grow. My garden was ‘dug up’ by two chickens that I looked after. That was twice in one go; the first and the last time. Lol

My husband said that I would be a good farmers’ wife. Straight from bed into the garden to check on the chicks. Haha.

We had some free eggs, as fresh as they can be. I had to search for the first lot because these two chicken had found a cosy place between my plants and made it their daily delivery spot.

By the sound of the backdoor opening they would come running like Siamese twin chickens and started their tok tok.

I can laugh about it now, but I was not prepared for all the sh…., they were going to spread around.

Anyway, the chooks have gone home and the garden is all mine again.

Now back to the Kitchen Corner.

The scrabble group has enjoyed my pumpkin soup every Friday this winter. Almost time for something different.

Some cool summer bread rolls like egg and salad coming up soon.

In the shop there are some different articles coming in a few weeks.

Jars of vegies, different brand and better price. They are on the ship.

The first orders for chocolate letters are in already.

The orders are numbered. First in first served.

Members before non-members.

The Sinterklaas registration forms will be in the next magazine.

I am still waiting for volunteers’ replies on the Sinterklaas day for the children. Creative hands for face painting and a few energetic parents to supervise some games with the children.

One very generous member has sponsored part of the Leidens’ Ontzet event. The price can now go down to $10. oo for members and $14.oo for non-members. Thank you very much Mr. Anonymous.

                                   See you all in the kitchen    Mia



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