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Presidents Report August 2018

News Item

In this months’ magazine and the September one you will find a loose leaflet for nominations to the board of directors. We have simplified the form somewhat to make it easier to fill in, as this is one of the most important tasks that you as a member of the club have to perform, making sure that the right people are nominated and elected to secure the future of our club
Before you fill in this form would you please seriously consider the following?
For the last twenty years there have not been many changes to our board and I like to take this opportunity to thank all board members for a sterling job done in that time, but at the same time, we could do with some new ideas and some younger input as we are not getting any younger.
Now is the time to introduce and training the next generation of committee members.
Keep in mind, as we only work with volunteers, we are a small business and we have to run the club as a professional business, according to the licencing law.
J.Joosten president...


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