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Kitchen Corner August 2018

News Item

The second part of this year is well on its way.
Christmas in July was a great success. So was the midweek lunch.   
Sadly, the Sri Lanka event is cancelled.
On September 9 we have a relaxing Sunday.                                                       
The bar and kitchen will be open for your favourite drinks and food.
If you have something to celebrate, this is your chance without having to book the hall. Just let us know how many persons in your party and we’ll keep a table free for you.                                                                        
There will be some entertainment and this is for you to enjoy free of charge.
There will also be a white elephant stall with some great articles for you to buy. If you need stocking fillers, this is your opportunity.
The billiard players will attend on this day to show their skills, and for anyone interested, explain the rules of the game.
The garage sale has been forwarded to Saturday September 22. 
I am still waiting for more replies on the Sinterklaas day for the children. Please take into consideration that Sinterklaas cannot do everything himself. He is very old and needs your help. Creative hands for face painting and a few energetic parents to supervise some games with the children.
If we need to engage professional persons we also have to increase the price.
The Sinterklaas/Christmas shop orders have been done. This stock usually arrive in November.
We can already take your order for chocolate letters.
The order forms are at the kitchen counter.
Again, we can’t guarantee that we can fill your order 100% but we do try our best.
Orders will be filled in the order they are placed. 

                See you all at your club MIA


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