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Kitchen Corner July 2018

News Item

The third week of June was a very busy one.

Monday; shopping for Tuesday

Tuesday; A Multicultural-Group booking for lunch

Tuesday; Festival meeting

Tuesday; board meeting

Still Tuesday; Dutch Class (Including dinner)

Yep still Tuesday; Lions meeting, also including dinner.

So, there was some cooking to do.

Wednesday; shopping for Friday

Thursday; attending Refugee Day and specialist appointment.

Friday; as usual look after the scrabble players and other visitors.

Friday; cooking for the Klaverjas players’ 6 monthly dinner

Saturday; going away for a break. This was booked ages ago. Could not have picked a better date.                                                                                                              

Now we are working towards all the future events. The Christmas in July looks very full at the moment and hoping nobody has to cancel.                                         

Sri Lanka Sunday could do with a few more bookings.                                         

This is a Sunday-day event for all those people that do not want to (or cannot) drive at night any more.                                                                                                                      

The Sinterklaas party for the little ones is going to be a good one, but only with your help. We need energetic persons to help with the games and one or two artistic persons to do face painting.                                                   Previously I was against face painting because of the photos that will be taken with Sinterklaas, but in this time and age it is very normal to see little faces covered in bright colours.

So anyone with a bit of imagination and a steady hand…. We’ve got the paint.

Someone suggested to up the price for the kids’ party, but I think that with the help of a few mothers and fathers there is no need to do this. I also know that in some cases it is the grandparents that pay for the little ones to attend.

Let’s first see if there are volunteers out there. Last year we had close to 80 adults attending. If we get 10% of them to work from 11 till 1we made it.


See you all at your club MIA



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