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Kitchen Corner June 2018

News Item

It’s June already and winter is on its way.                                          
We could do with a bit more rain to keep the grass green.                
My vegie garden is having a hard time with this dry season.                
All my pumpkins have been cooked to soup and eaten, manly by the scrabble players.
Would you believe I did not plant these pumpkins, ‘they just popped out’?
After that they took over the garden, to the point where all my other vegies disappeared underneath.
Who knows what pops out next, because the green waste is neatly dug in the ground.
Another thing is; I have no idea what a green plant is until something shows up, like beans or tomatoes….  If it grows tall I put a stake next to it to support it.
I know for sure if it starts creeping all over the place it is pumpkin. LOL

Back to club now. We hope to see many members on the Sunday events. We give our time and hope you make use of this.
Any card players or billiard players can come and play their favourite game. We don’t mind because this is your place to share with friends. The kitchen/shop and bar are open. This Sunday June 3 we will show a film clip from a carnival night in May 1988 with the band The Bentonies and many members dressed up and sharing their energy on the dance floor.
Lovely memories for many members.
See you at the Kitchen counter    Mia


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