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Kitchen Corner February 2018

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Kitchen Corner                                                      

The first month of the year has gone already.

We went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to admire many works from different painters. Some we had never heard of and some well-known ones. It was a delight to see that there was so much interest in this. We made use of the opportunity to take our overseas visitors to the Opera House and the Quay.

The Harbour Bridge was occupied with many climbers.                             Sydney is without doubt the most beautiful place in the world.                 And now back to St Marys and our Rembrandt Dutch Club.                      40 years was celebrated with many members. The atmosphere was tops and the music made it ‘gezellig’. 

There were a few Limburgers in the hall and yes, they had to sing a few of their favourite songs.

The volunteers on the day worked like slaves and were still able to enjoy the celebration.            

           I have to apologize to the Klaverjas group for advertising the wrong date regarding their next competition.                                                                                                                                         It is on Sunday February 18th and NOT the 11th.                                                                        Next month is the Festival month again.  If you have free time and energy, join the group of volunteers. There is a choice of jobs before during and after the Festival. There are sheets in the hall, for the volunteers to fill in their name and choice of work.   

I am happy to say that the first sponsorship for 2018 came in by mail.

On Saturday March 3 there will be a fundraising Garage Sale/ Braderie at YOUR club. This will go from 9am – 2pm.

At 3pm on the same day there will be the Festival volunteer meeting. 

Anyone that is willing to volunteer please join us on the day.

We do need a few persons to take care of a stall at the Garage Sale/ Braderie. It will not be as big as the previous one (I think) because it is so close to the Festival, but with all the goods that are stored we do need to make some room.          

This month of February there will be a Sri Lanka dinner night.

The music is tops and you can eat your favourite Sri Lanka cuisine as much as you like.

The price has come down from $45. To $40. Per person.

I hope to see many members there.

Please book with the organizer; ANGELA 0407 100 112

See you all at the kitchen.                   Mia




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