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Kitchen Corner December 2017

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Kitchen Corner                                                       

December is always the busiest month of the year.

Christmas dinner, this year there are two.  

Sinterklaas party for the little ones and lunch with Sinterklaas for the young at heart. An 80thy Birthday party was already booked.

The Scrabble club has their annual break-up luncheon and the Klaverjassers have a break-up dinner.

So it is a full moon,,, ehhh month.

It’s also the month of my birthday and I am soooo glad this year it is on a Sunday.

It is the end of the year and my Christmas wishes and thank you go to all the volunteers who worked there as@!%s off during the year.

When I was on holidays it was all under control thanks to a COOL team. The club cannot exist without you.

In January we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of YOUR club.  If you would like to join us on that day, put your name on the list. Entry is free for members only.  If your partner/friend is not a member they will have to pay membership fee and join the club.

Entertainment on the day is Dutch Connection.

Yes we like to keep it very Dutch.

In February The Federation of Netherland Societies is celebrating 50 years of keeping the Dutch clubs and groups connected.

We, at the Rembrandt Dutch Club are very honoured that the Federation choose our venue to celebrate this.  

Congratulations to everyone that was and still is involved with this great group of hardworking people.

 Is there a Justice of the Peace within our membership??

There is only one left in our magazine. Sadly we lost one to age and illness.

Over the year she has helped many persons with little and also very important issues. Thank you so much for that. Life is like that; you do what you can as long as you can.

We welcome our new addition to the board; John Haarsma. That makes it 3 Johns at the board. JB, JH and JJ

Remember the holiday shopping hours. For your convenience. 

Have a great Christmas everyone  



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