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Presidents Report October 2017

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President’s Report October 2017                                                          

This month will be one of many functions, such as, Wednesday the 4th of October Leidens’ Ontzet. On Sunday the 8th of October our choir will be celebrating their annual concert, free for members and their guests.                                                                                                                                                                  On Sunday the 14th of this month the choir will participate in the Male choirs Festival of Music in the Wollongong entertainment centre with more than 350 male voices singing some of the classical grand pieces.                                                

On Saturday the 21st (SOLD OUT) and Sunday the 22nd our Sri Lanka friends will have one of the top entertainers from Sri Lanka to perform in our club, tickets are selling fast, so if you want to be in it, book now.                                                     

And to top the month of, the last Sunday of the month, the 29th we will be having our first braderie, which could be called a glorified garage sale, so you will find very new and used items in A-one condition for a very cheap price and it is all inside the club with the kitchen open all day for some nice snacks and we will have life music on stage all day. You could also call this a mini Festival with plenty to do and see for Young and old. Don’t miss it.                                      

Then last but not least the first Sunday in November (5th) our A.G.M. For the future of our club this is the most important day of the year as you, the members have to decide who will be running the club for the next year and yes I know the present committee has done a fantastic job for years, but we all getting a day older and it would be so good to get some new ideas into the organisation. So please talk to some of your member friends and see if you can nominate some new blood into our committee to secure the future. We welcome and accommodate any changes and as they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

J. Joosten president


When:            Sunday November 5

What is this: Annual General Meeting

What time:   2pm

Kitchen and bar open from noon for lunch

Afternoon tea for all members attending


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