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Kitchen Corner October 2017

News Item


Kitchen Corner                                                               I have to apologies for incomplete news and mistakes in the magazine. For not mentioning all names of deceased members. Sorry Doky Noordeloos for not mentioning your husband Jan’s passing. In some cases the family prefers no announcement.                                   If they do they will let me know.                                   

When asked to announce anniversaries of deceased members I have to say; I don’t think making a memorial out of this magazine is a good thing.                                                                                                    The stall at Rochford Place where we were selling Dutch donuts and krokets did well. If the weather was a bit cooler it would have been a bigger success overall. Still worthwhile for the donut and kroket lovers. We’ll do it all again next year. 

                                                                                              The fundraising for Epilepsy held at your club was a great success. People attending were dressed up for the show ‘Elvis meets Tom Jones’.                                                The hall was a rocking, colourful place, with great music.

NEXT YEAR SUNDAY   January 21                                            Celebrating 40 years Rembrandt Dutch Club 

The anniversary year for the Rembrandt Dutch Club will start with a Celebration Sunday January 21. 2018.            All members are welcome to come up with ideas for celebration.                                                                

WANTED; Volunteers for the Braderie Sunday October 29.     Some sit- down jobs available.                                  

Don’t forget to; Nominate a board member (or two), order chocolate letters, and register your little ones for Sinterklaas. Special forms for all these are available from the kitchen counter.

See ya all at the kitchen counter                       Mia      

If you find any mistakes in the magazine,                                                                   congratulations, you have been reading it.



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