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Presidents Report September 2017

News Item

Home sweet home, there is nothing better in the world.

It was great to visit the family and friends overseas and we could not have had a better time.

Only drawback is, to much food and drinks, but with all the functions coming up I am sure that problem will be rectified in no time.

Talking about functions, one of the important ones is on Sunday the 8th of October, our annual concert of the choir

Due to the fact that we will have our big Male Choir association concert on the Saturday after on the 14th of October in Wollongong, we have not been able to invite another choir for our annual concert, so the programme for the 8th of October will be that our choir will perform some of the new songs that we have been working on and the rest of the afternoon will be filled with Andre Rieu on the big screen. This being a free service to all members, we hope to have a full house on the day

For people that want to join us and the other choirs in Wollongong, see the advertising in this magazine. It will be a special experience to see and hear 400 male voices on stage, not to mention one of the best bands in the country.

Then on Saturday the 23 of September there is the annual festival at Rochford place in Ropes Crossing, and if last year’s festival was an indication of what to expect, this one will be even bigger and better.

Come and visit us at the Rembrandt “Oliebollen and croquette “stall

        J. Joosten president


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