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Presidents report April 2021

News Item

Valued Members,
We hope that all enjoyed the festive season in company of their loved ones or traveling under COVID restrictions. Hope you are all doing your bit to assist the State’s severely affected tourist industry and local business economy. Especially on our Wednesdays and Fridays your dollars make the difference. The State government is about to implement $25 vouchers for food and entertainment for all, we will keep you informed on when and how you can use them at the Rembrandt Club on an evening like the booked out New Year’s dinner arranged by Alice. The food and entertainment assured that a good night was had by all. January saw the return of our regular E.D.A.H. shoppers catching up on their favourite treats after the Christmas break. Our events coordinator, directors and volunteers are working hard to ensure that we have a memorable club year. Covid restraints will continue to be a challenge for a bit longer but with a little assistance from volunteers and members we will persevere and keep the social events at the Rembrandt.
We starting off with Music and dinner on the 5th and our Valentines dinner on the 12th followed by book swap on 19th and game challenge on the 26th making February a packed 28 days not to be missed.
With Covid restrictions gradually easing it is pleasing to see members building confidence and return to our friendly Club. We have seen more new members and visitors join in our festivities and sample some of the great food from our kitchen. Friday’s Music & Dinner proved a successful concept, as well as our Valentines event. Many couples and friends shared a memorable evening. Our dedicated games players are at the tables Wednesdays and Fridays and always welcome a little extra competition so come join in. Want to try your hand at Triominos, Rummikub or Klaverjassen? Or something different put the challenge out. Grab your friends and pull up a chair at the games table. A good friend of mine has kindly offered to teach a little ballroom dancing. The board is looking at how to accommodate this, if you have a passion for this or just want to give it a whirl, let me know. Other interesting ideas have been put forward and we are working on bringing our members more entertainment.
Covid restriction changes are allowing us to add events to our schedule that where not possible a few weeks ago. It has been very pleasing to see a general increase in numbers attending. Even the recent rains has done little to dampen the spirit of our devoted regulars and ever expanding membership. With great music and games as well as St Patricks day celebrations. As a special treat we were entertained on stage by a delightful group of Irish dance performers who put on a professional display of Irish dance routines. We thank our volunteers and helpers that keep on raising the standards. Good food keeps on coming from our kitchen with some new and a few classic dishes. Please be advised that the Club will be closed on Good Friday 2nd April. Spare a thought for the flood affected people and lend a hand on the long weekend clean up around the western suburbs. Hope to see everyone Friday the 9th for our Music and Dinner Night.
Allan J. Potter

From the board April 2021

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The Board is working on the NSW government initiative ‘Dine and Discover’ to bring new opportunities to members and guests. We hope to bring a morning tea event to a Wednesday morning as well as a live music event on a Friday evening as part of this program. A monthly Mums n Bubs Wednesday gathering has been suggested and if you know of any mum’s with bub’s please contact Erika on 0411 176 329. Triominos is a funny word for an old table top game with a difference. Triangular dominos, we have a bunch of regulars playing on Wednesdays and there is always room for more players at the table. After a few trials we have mastered the video system and some new selections will be screened on a regular basis. While not feature films these are more seen as visual attractions to show heritage and country along with some music.

Rembrandt Shop

News Item

For those looking for a sweet Dutch treat we now have ‘Vlaai’.
It could be described as a fruit flan but that isn’t the right word.
With a flan base it does start in similar way. Traditional flans are custard based a Vlaai is all fruit topped with a pastry lattice giving its unique appearance. This is something you need to experience if you have a taste for fruity sweets. Available in Apricot or Cherry frozen from E.D.A.H.


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Learning a new game from the comfort of your chair or brushing up on the rules before jumping into a game could be the new thing to do. Klaverjas HD is the closest thing to playing at the Rembrandt Club according to Caroline. She encourages everyone young and old to give it a go. There is always room at the table to get a firsthand view of the action. Call David Stenstra for more information. 0423 567 434

Kitchen Corner April 2021

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Finding the right combination to put on the plate is always a challenge so what to cook when it’s the meal that symbolizes love? Surely the main ingredient has to be something that everyone loves. With that in mind the thoughts went to preparation and combinations to enhance the meal for the occasion. We hope you all come sample what we have cooked with love to celebrate the day of love.
Every Friday the kitchen is ready to serve a variety of culinary delights. From ‘Broodje frikandel or kroket’ to a full plated meal. We have you covered with delightful options that will make your tastebuds sing with joy. Make it a date, bring a friend and enjoy a club with a difference. Our Dish of the Day on FACEBOOK.
What better dish to serve on St Patrick’s Day then a hearty Irish stew. Stew is a dish that has been made all over Europe and every region has its own variety and flavour. Made with potatoes and carrots and a fine piece of quality marbled meat this is going to be a flavour sensation that you don’t want to miss. Please book your meal where possible to avoid disappointment or just drop in on the day if you poses a little Irish Luck.
Rembrandt Dutch Club see you soon

Events secretary report April 2021

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Time fly’s, The New Year's dinner was a great success! And our new line up of Fridays is ready to roll. The first of the games nights is coming up. We are working on this to be a regular event held on the last Friday of each month. Always bring your friends if you borrow someone else’s friend return them or feed them well. Get in the spirit and let us know if there are any specific games that should be featured! Suggestions are always welcome! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all events. For these special event nights please remember that it makes it easier on Alice and the kitchen staff to know the numbers so please book in. That way nobody misses out on her delicious cooking!
Welcome to March. Along with Covid vaccine rollout, our numbers allowed into the hall have increased to 90! Please be patient while we confirm when dancing is allowed as the only information immediately available is only for weddings. Which we can host if anyone is keen to tie the knot. Our membership numbers are increasing as more people are signing up each week. Keep spreading the word everyone and a warm welcome to those new members. This is our major event for the month so please book in advance to assist with catering. On Friday the 5th was music and dinner. Friday the 26th of March was our games night. I hear we have completed some puzzles already! Don't forget to bring some friends and challenge them to a friendly board game or card game on the last Friday night each month! In April, our major event for the month is King's Day on Friday 16th April, so grab some friends to come to the club to celebrate! See you at the club! For events information talk to one of our volunteers or call me direct. April is now here and so is autumn. Hoping for a drier month than what March was! Despite the big wet, March was very successful for us. Many people enjoyed St Patrick's Day. Many thanks goes to the Lenihan Academy of Irish Dance and their dancers who entertained us with their talent. We will be closed on Good Friday which this year falls on Friday 2nd April. April's main event will be King's Day and this will be on Friday 30th April to be closer to the actual celebration date. Therefore, our monthly games night will move to Friday 16th April. Apologies if any confusion is caused. Please book meals in advance to assist with catering.
If you have suggestions for games or like to get involved in games nights we are always looking for volunteers to help with these or you can pull up a chair on the games table and join in. Sjoelen could be a regular competition event for those wanting to test their skills. Triominos has a regular following on Wednesdays and Fridays. Our puzzlers always keen to have you lend a hand on their current creation. For the fleet of foot we have dance return on Fridays with a request for ballroom dancers to sign on so we can have a special night. Rebecca Hook 0417 696 415

Cheese 2021

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The job of the cheesemaker is to control the spoiling of milk into cheese. The milk is traditionally from a cow, goat, sheep or buffalo, although worldwide cow's milk is most commonly used and, in theory, cheese could be made from the milk of any mammal. The cheesemaker's goal is a consistent product with specific characteristics and organoleptic requirements (appearance, aroma, taste, texture). The crafts and skills employed by the cheesemaker to make a Camembert will be similar to, but not quite the same as, those used to make Cheddar.

Edam $19

Gouda young $20

Gouda medium $28

Gouda aged $32

Gouda classique $37

Gouda spiced $22

Leiden mature $26

Kilo prices sold per pre-cut pieces

Call Gerda 9746 8420

Call Alice 0412304837




From the board January 2021

News Item

With Our Multiple Function Liquor License comes the option of adding a drink to your meal.
We ask members to consider their options and know the limits. Our RSA certified bar staff and Club Licensee are always available to help you select a suitable alternative.
Have a Plan B and enjoy a night out with friends a nice meal and some music or join in a card game or two. We can order you a taxi or UBER to get you home safely. Only drinks purchased from the bar can be consumed on premises.
Respect our neighbours and leave only good memories

The Board wishes to advise that NSW government health regulations are inforce at the Rembrandt Club. They are updated regularly and at going to print you are required to sign in with a QR code. Our COVID Marshall can assist with this as required. We ask you to continue using our Hall register as well. On Monday 4th new regulations came into effect for our staff and volunteers with regards to face masks, these do not apply to patrons as yet. Our Hall capacity is sufficient with the 4sqm rule applied and allow for social distancing as required. The club provides hand sanitiser at the entry desk and council cleaners and volunteers prepare the venue for your use. We wish all members and guests a very Happy New Year. We are looking to make 2021 a success.

Members and Guests,
Please be advised that the club operates under State Government and Local Council COVID regulations and needs your help to maintain a safe environment for all. You are required to sign our COVID register on entry. Our COVID marshal will take your temperature. The club provides Alcohol based sanitiser for your convenience. Our volunteers and Council cleaners work hard to keep the hall clean so we can keep operating. Your continued patronage is valued. As one we are working together, on the occasion that you are not feeling well, have a cold, sniffle or cough, look after yourself and others and consult your GP and come visit us another day.
Thank you for your assistance,
Rembrandt Board

Presidents report January 2021

News Item

Valued Members,
December saw busy shopping weeks at E.D.A.H. to keep Gerda on her toes and action packed month with the arrival of Sinterklaas at Mt Druitt despite very strict border regulations and quarantine he surprised us with his entourage. This to the delight of young and old. We moved on the week after to a fabulous Christmas dinner by Alice and the helpers in the kitchen. Friday 18th finished off the year with Carols in Dutch and English sourced by Sjoerd and some performed on accordion by Herman. Leny’s efforts saw us run out of raffle tickets. John kept the lines at the bar moving. We are constantly looking to improve on what we do and how we can facilitate even more. Our traditional event themes have always generated good memories and will be a constant in 2021. Friday Nights are themed to give members an indication on what is on. We have done some as promoted special events, like this year’s October fest, others come as traditional events or join in evenings. Friday nights are always about Friends, Food and Fun. With that in mind we encourage you to invite a friend and treat them to a bit of traditional music or a culinary curiosity. Our events coordinator is looking for some new ways to get members involved with some different games or perhaps trivia. If there is a quizmaster in our midst please contact Rebecca. Wednesday have become a steady shopping morning in the Café and a group of Triominos players has made a table their home. New reading material will be a feature as well with regular magazine postings from Holland. Our first batch was received on Christmas Eve including Viva, Flair, Margriet, Libelle, Story and a few more to get things started. Allan J. Potter

Events secretary report January 2021

News Item

Talk of the town
January is here, a New Year after an extremely successful December to end the year, our Christmas Dinner was so popular that we were booked out for the dinner! Everyone enjoyed the delicious spread put on by Alice and her helpers and much fun was had by all. Our plans for the year 2021 include major theme nights each month and a games night on the last Friday of each month. What this means is that 1 Friday will have food/entertainment that is specifically set for the major theme night. All other nights will have a general menu and music. Minor theme night with decorations that brighten the place. A musical guest appearance on occasion. Food theme connection to a Dutch delicacy locally prepared and enjoyed with a drink from the bar. New Year’s Dinner on the 15th January is a minor theme to ring in the New Year with a drink some food and friends. Followed by Friday, 22nd January Our Australia Day theme. This will include some Australian music, Australian food (menu to be posted on FB closer to the date) and Australia Day decorations!
For our monthly major theme nights it will be great if people could book in advance so that Alice can cater for the night. In an effort to bring back some old fashioned table top games the last Friday each month will be games night. On the night people can drop in and play all different kind of games. Klaverjassen is played regularly as are Triominos and Scrabble. Let us know if you want to play other games on any night, there might be more players looking to participate. Rebecca Hook

Kitchen Corner January 2021

News Item

North Sea fish in Holland Holland’s rich maritime history has helped to create a modern fishing fleet that’s won the Dutch industry a major position on the international market, and is now leading the way in sustainable fishing thanks to a combination of policy reform and advocacy. The Dutch fleets comprise mainly of cutters and trawlers, fishing the nutrient-rich coastal waters of the North Sea for a wide variety of species – the most popular include flat fish like plaice and sole, as well as herring, mackerel, cod, and haddock. In addition, the fleet also includes sophisticated vessels for harvesting mussels. Many of these vessels belong to the fleets of Scheveningen, Katwijk and Stellendam, all historical towns with a rich fishing heritage. As well as its large fleet, Scheveningen is known for its daily fish auction, which provides an essential link between the fishermen and trade, helping the morning’s catch to make its way from the sea to the plate in a matter of hours. When unloaded from the boats. Further south, in the province of Zeeland, the harbor town of Stellendam also holds a weekly fish market every Friday morning.

Events secretary report December 2020

News Item

December already! Time has flown! November has been a very busy month. We had a fantastic race day and congratulations to Paulus, Gerda and Wolfgang on winning your races! Paulus and Gerda won shop vouchers and Wolfgang won a dinner voucher. The best dressed prizes went to Jo-Anne and Johan. We also had fun nights with Carnival and Music with Herman.
December promises to be just as busy. We have Sinterklaas visiting us on Friday 4th December as well as Christmas Dinner party on the 11th December and Christmas Carols on 18th December.
Club will be closed from December 19th until the 14th January, reopens on Friday 15th January 2021. So stock up on everything Dutch. Bulk cold food and all cheese needs to be ordered in advance please. All cheese orders to be placed with Gerda (contact her on 02 97468420) BY Thursday for a Friday pickup at the club. Please contact Gerda for all things shop related.
Stay Safe and Merry Christmas. Rebecca Hook

Kitchen Corner December 2020

News Item

The origins of oliebollen are not entirely clear. They are said to have been first eaten by Germanic tribes in Belgium and the Netherlands during the Yule, the period between December 26 and January 6 where such baked goods were used. It has also been speculated that they were introduced to the Netherlands in the 15th century by Portuguese immigrants. The earliest discovered recipe of oliekoecken ("oil cookies", the direct precursor of the oliebol) came from the 1667 Dutch book “De verstandige kock " ,“The competent cook"

Presidents report December 2020

News Item

Valued Members,
This year has been especially eventful. Friday night crowds started off slowly, but with the warming weather that has dramatically changed and dinners have been flying out of the kitchen. Dealing with the COVID protocols has been quite a challenge and we now have a COVID Marshal.
Visitors have been cooperating, so the issue has not removed people’s enjoyment on the evenings.
Some of the traditional events like the Dutch classes have been on hold, but our special events
and theme nights on Fridays have taken off in a big way.
It is with great delight that the klaverjas group has started playing again their regular games, so bit by bit various attractions are returning back to normal.
The operation of the shop, bar and kitchen has shown to be very popular and successful and therefore profitable, allowing us to fulfil our financial obligations.
The Halloween theme night attracted a good crowd, as did the “a day at the races” theme night.
Marion’s bag full of carnival dress up goods made a huge difference to the “Prince Carnival“ event night , our events committee have even more surprises planned for us. The Kitchen has done a magnificent job by keeping up with the demand and special recipes during all these theme nights.
With all these events our licensee and barman has been kept very busy.
It is great to see not only our membership renewals still coming in but even more encouraging is the flow of new memberships that are attending our festive nights.
I thank our loyal regular club attendees for welcoming our new members by explaining some of the Dutch culture and demonstrating true comradery.
On the 7th of November I attended my first AGM meeting of The Federation Of Netherlands Societies held in Illawarra (DASI).
After listening to the reports from affiliated groups attending I was dismayed on reports of declining memberships contributing to financial hardships associated with these clubs,
I now feel proud of our own club’s achievements.
The aim of our committee is to see us progress further and deliver continuity and structure for the future of The Rembrandt Dutch Club.
Finally i would truly like to thank the Board, Committees, volunteers and all our members for your valuable assistance in keeping our club alive.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Allan J. Potter


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