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Presidents Report July 2018

News Item

The Choir.

Our choir has been a vital part of the club for a very long time, first as the Rembrandt Male Choir and the last five years as The Great Western Male Choir.   It is with some sadness that I have to report to you that on Friday the 22 of June the decision was made, that due to inefficient membership the choir was not able to perform any more to the expected standard.

The choir has been an ambassador for our club all those years. The Rembrandt Choir together with the Sydney Male Choir were the inaugural members of the N.S.W. Branch of the Australian Male Choir Association and as such was involved with organizing concerts in the Sydney Opera House and Town Hall. And again later the choir was also involved at executive level with the Male Choir Association of Australia.

Through the years we have performed at the Dutch Queens visit in 1988, the Tall Ships during the Bicentennial celebrations, concerts in Melbourne, Canberra, Orange, Forbes, Fiji, an numerous other venues.

After singing in choirs for more than sixty years, 33 of them on Friday nights, I sure will miss my choir, lucky I have got a lifelong of happy memories.

J. Joosten. President

Kitchen Corner July 2018

News Item

The third week of June was a very busy one.

Monday; shopping for Tuesday

Tuesday; A Multicultural-Group booking for lunch

Tuesday; Festival meeting

Tuesday; board meeting

Still Tuesday; Dutch Class (Including dinner)

Yep still Tuesday; Lions meeting, also including dinner.

So, there was some cooking to do.

Wednesday; shopping for Friday

Thursday; attending Refugee Day and specialist appointment.

Friday; as usual look after the scrabble players and other visitors.

Friday; cooking for the Klaverjas players’ 6 monthly dinner

Saturday; going away for a break. This was booked ages ago. Could not have picked a better date.                                                                                                              

Now we are working towards all the future events. The Christmas in July looks very full at the moment and hoping nobody has to cancel.                                         

Sri Lanka Sunday could do with a few more bookings.                                         

This is a Sunday-day event for all those people that do not want to (or cannot) drive at night any more.                                                                                                                      

The Sinterklaas party for the little ones is going to be a good one, but only with your help. We need energetic persons to help with the games and one or two artistic persons to do face painting.                                                   Previously I was against face painting because of the photos that will be taken with Sinterklaas, but in this time and age it is very normal to see little faces covered in bright colours.

So anyone with a bit of imagination and a steady hand…. We’ve got the paint.

Someone suggested to up the price for the kids’ party, but I think that with the help of a few mothers and fathers there is no need to do this. I also know that in some cases it is the grandparents that pay for the little ones to attend.

Let’s first see if there are volunteers out there. Last year we had close to 80 adults attending. If we get 10% of them to work from 11 till 1we made it.


See you all at your club MIA


Happy Birthday July 2018

News Item

John Battishall; Donald Cobcroft; Cecilia de Rooy; Anthony Dries; 

Miriam Docters van Leeuwen; Elsje Franke; Els Heymans;

Tony & Flora Fautoeboen;  Helena Hulsebosch; Roelie Kojic; 

Steven Huygen; Tony Kuilder; Brendan Kop;

Suzie Langendijk; Teun Zirkzee; Desmond de Silva;

Hubertus Mallens; Mary Rosa; Sonia van Houten;

Cornelis Merkx; Alida Mortimer; George Pieren;

Geertruida Potter; Richard Rieksen; Karma Rowe;

Jan Schutte; Jenny van Asten; Helmut Weber;

Henrietta van Kuyk; John van den Giessen;

Kitty van Tongeren; Stephen Weeks;

Presidents Report June 2018

News Item

                   Hall Hire.
Did you know that we hire our hall out for any occasion?                   Meetings, Birthday’s, Wake’s (a celebration of a life well lived) and weddings.                                                                                                  We can provide catering for any of these occasions at a cheaper price than an outside caterer that you could bring in if so desired.                                                                                                                                We also have a big screen available for power presentations.                                                                              Normal hall hire is $ 250.00 and a $ 100.00 refundable holding deposit should be paid to secure the date                                                                                                                                                               More importantly, for members and their families the hall hire could be free (some conditions   apply).                                                                                                                   So for your next party please consider and support your own club.                                                                   Keep in touch with the Dutch.
               J. Joosten President


Kitchen Corner June 2018

News Item

It’s June already and winter is on its way.                                          
We could do with a bit more rain to keep the grass green.                
My vegie garden is having a hard time with this dry season.                
All my pumpkins have been cooked to soup and eaten, manly by the scrabble players.
Would you believe I did not plant these pumpkins, ‘they just popped out’?
After that they took over the garden, to the point where all my other vegies disappeared underneath.
Who knows what pops out next, because the green waste is neatly dug in the ground.
Another thing is; I have no idea what a green plant is until something shows up, like beans or tomatoes….  If it grows tall I put a stake next to it to support it.
I know for sure if it starts creeping all over the place it is pumpkin. LOL

Back to club now. We hope to see many members on the Sunday events. We give our time and hope you make use of this.
Any card players or billiard players can come and play their favourite game. We don’t mind because this is your place to share with friends. The kitchen/shop and bar are open. This Sunday June 3 we will show a film clip from a carnival night in May 1988 with the band The Bentonies and many members dressed up and sharing their energy on the dance floor.
Lovely memories for many members.
See you at the Kitchen counter    Mia

Notice board June 2018

News Item

Saved us a packet. Got some unused stamps floating around? 
Why not donate them to the Rembrandt Club.

Only cans and bottles with the ‘10c return mark’ on them.
One of our committee members has volunteered to ‘Return and Earn’ for the club. You can now deposit your bottles and cans in the bins provided, standing at the Café corner on the left side of the main entrance to the club.
Please make sure bottles and cans are emptied.

Thanks to every person that is involved in collecting.
It is your effort that makes the difference.

Happy Birthday June 2018

News Item

Jono Barnes; Jeff Beerens; Louise Carey;
Roe Bronkhorst; Hilda de Vries; Ali Dullaard;
Dorothea Eggstein; Bobiena Hannessen; Krys Lette;
Rudi Helderman; Catherine Hilberding; Douglas Kerr;
Adrie Klymy; Melissa Haarsma; Michelle Harper;
Jan Kuilder; Pauline Lange; Helene Little; Avrill Lortan;
Ina & Pim Matzer; Bep Mendham; David Taylor;
Antoinette Neijens; Bob Oerlemans; Josephine Passchier;
Jan Noot; Hans Roeleven; Judith Jonker; Roch Machado;
Peter Hamer;Adrian van Asten; Johanna Vels;
Jacqueline Wells; Joseph Eijkman; Terry Sommerville;
Fiona van der Meer; Kimberley van der Meulen;

Presidents Report April 2018

News Item

Festival 2018.

  You cannot always break records and this time we certainly did not break   any records, as our visiting numbers were well down on last year, our biggest year, but what this festival has undoubtable proved is that our club cannot exist anymore without the income of the festival.                                                  Before we even started too many things went wrong, while we were setting up the air-conditioning in the choir room broke down, at the same time our lawn mower gave up and then the cash register with the scanner in the shop did not want to work anymore.                                                                                 Than on Saturday all toilets were blocked, as we had once before, and again this time it was some foreign objects that somebody had put in. It took quite a while to get a plumber out on the weekend and more importantly this is not cheap. To get all these problems fixed we are looking at a minimum of $ 5,000. which we would not be able to pay for if we did not have the income of the festival.                                                                                                    Thanks to a group of very dedicated volunteers we have been able to pull it off again, but as I said last year, we could do with a few more volunteers, which by the way did not happen, I dare say now, if we cannot get some more volunteers it will not happen, it is getting to much for quite a few of us.    The only way we can continue is, if all of our members start looking and talking to the younger generation to give us a hand once a year on the last weekend in March.

May I take this opportunity to thank all volunteers that have been able to help us out in any way at all, before during and after, your contribution is of immense value to us and we cannot do this anymore without you.

THANK YOU         J. Joosten. Pres.

                     Sunday 8 April; at 12 noon.                                                          Thank you - Festival - Volunteers get-together                                                                                         For catering purpose; please confirm your attendance not later than Friday April 6                                         

Kitchen Corner April 2018

News Item

April doet wat hij wil. (April does what he wants)That is a Dutch saying.

We can expect stormy weather this month. 


Lucky the Festival is now behind us. We survived the rain and wind.

Sorry for the kids’ ride, that was the only thing without a cover. We are already working on a plan for next year. We are also open for new ideas.

For now it is on with the usual program. Midweek luncheons, Shri Lanka nights and Christmas in July with Shelvis. For the last two mentioned the rule goes; not pre-paid means no ticket.

One of our members gave me her not used books of Christmas stamps. She mentioned that a lot of her Christmas contacts were no more and she does buy new stamps every year. What a great gift. Through this way I am asking all members; if you have non used postage stamps somewhere in your draw, why not gift them to the club. We use them for mailing the magazine. The cost now is $12. Per year per book, not including the printing. So, every dollar helps.                       See you all in the kitchen           Mia

Happy Birthday April 2018

News Item


Gerda Aalbrecht, Leonardus Altman,  Sharon Aspinal, Kelly Bailey,Denise Bailey, Anita Bakkers ,Charlie Ballas,  Leny Battishall, Annie Bloemendal,                                                                                     Gerard Petra, Herman Brookhouse,  Thornton Brown, John de Lange,                                            

Peter de Vries, James Giddens,  Malcolm Gribble, Henk Haak,                                               Jos Haarsma, Joshua Ikin, Thea Knubben,  Els Kommer, Gerard Kuilder, Phillip Wall, Martijn Lambrechts, Albert Lambregts,                                                                                 Lowie Lemmerman, Alphons Lette, Ray Oonk,  Bruce O’Brien, Jo-ann Mathyi, Gordon Milner, Marcel Paquay,   Janette Pincott, Tineke Price,                                      Henny Spee, Jacqueline Windle, Bernard & Gai Schoemaker,                                     Gonnie Terpstra, Steven Tienstra, Clemens Eijkman, Wilma van der Waarden, Tonny van Gaalen,



Presidents Report March 2018

News Item


Presidents report March 2018.

Last Saturday the 24th of February our club hosted the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Netherlands Societies.                                       Some 90 community leaders from Sydney, Wollongong and as far away as Newcastle joined us for a very pleasant afternoon.                                      For this occasion we engaged an outside caterer and the food was exceptional good.                                                                                        

To our surprise the new Consul General Mr. Frank van Beuningen, who arrived in Sydney just two weeks ago, graced us with his presence.             He was very interested to meet all the different people from such a diverse group of Dutch organisations and he complimented us that we had something very special going on in our club, when our oldest member Mrs Johanna Zirkzee (106) was asked to cut the cake, accompanied by her great grandchild Elly (8month) old.                          For the occasion we had prepared some memorabilia, such as trophies, old photos etc. from years ago and it was good to see what the Federation has achieved over the 50 years with hard work from all the affiliated clubs.         

On a different note, we have our festival coming up and if we want to make it a success we really need some more volunteers.                                            So please, let us know if you or your kids, grand kids, friends or anybody else who can spare some time to help us out.

VOLUNTEER INFO DAY IS ON                                                          SATURDAY THE 3 RD OF MARCH AT 3.00PM, THANK YOU

J. Joosten president


Kitchen Corner March 2018

News Item

Kitchen Corner                                                      

        The month of February has ended with a huge celebration;                   50 years of the Federation of Netherland Societies.                           And what is the connection with the Rembrandt Club you ask.

The Rembrandt Dutch Club is only one of many groups/clubs connected to the Federation. Over the years there were close to 30 of them.

            One very well-known was the Senior Holiday.                                    Sponsored by the Federation it served many Dutchies with a great time and typical Dutch food.                                                                          There are still a couple of instuif groups going, they started off as coffee mornings. Way back in the late 70’s I had a group of ‘oldies’ from the Liverpool area visit my home in Hoxtonpark. I also had a toddler son and that was a great addition to the entertainment. My toddler is now 43.

Through the coffee morning I met this high school boy looking for work after school, so he could afford some music lessons. He worked for us for some time. After many years we met again at the Abel Tasman Village.

Georgy was the caretaker, and still is involved with music.                Although his hair has coloured to match ours, he still is Georgy to us.

          This weekend is the big Garage Sale and afterwards the Festival Volunteers meeting. Hope to see many of you there, and thanks to the volunteers that made a commitment and wrote their name down in black and white. We have entertainment as well. Let this be a surprise..

         It is going to be a very busy few weeks, but we like to be busy.

We need to occupy our brains and get plenty exercise, so I even took up gardening. Sometimes I even get some fresh vegies out of this, but so far not enough to fill the freezer. We are joking about a street stall to sell the vegies. No need for this just yet. Bahahahaha                                               On a different note, there are some more donations for the Festival raffle. Keep them coming…….                                                  

See you all at the club, whether it be the shop or the kitchen counter, whether you play scrabble, klaverjas, billiard, or practice your voice in the choir room, we need everybody to participate in something and spend some money to keep the place going.

                              Tot ziens                Mia

Notice board March 2008

News Item


Press release                                 

Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sydney Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canberra 22 February 2018


New Consul-General of the Netherlands to Australia


We are pleased to welcome Frank van Beuningen

The new Consul-General of the Netherlands in Sydney, to Australia


Frank arrived in Sydney earlier this month.                                                              Before his posting Down Under, he worked as a diplomat on special ssignments and had several postings, among others in Afghanistan, Germany, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe. Besides working on economic diplomacy and trade promotion, Frank has dealt extensively with security policy, counter-terrorism and human rights issues.


In the Netherlands Frank was the co-founder and later director (1998 – 2002) of the Advisory Council on International Affairs, a think tank that advises the Dutch government on a regular basis on all aspects of foreign and security policy.           He has a degree in international affairs from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.                                                                                                                       Frank is married to Jennie and together they have two adult children.

After having been in Sydney for nearly two weeks, Frank says “he feels like a dog with two tails”. He states: “I am looking forward to working with the team on the optimising of consular services and the potential for Dutch companies to partner with Australian counterparts to achieve sustainable trade and investment for both our countries. I cannot wait to get to know the Dutch community.                                I am very interested in its history”.

We wish Frank and his family a great time in Australia and look forward to working with him!


Contact details:

Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sydney:

More information can be found here:






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