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Benefits for memberships.


Every month members get the magazine 't Penseeltje' . For members that can't visit the club this is the best way to 'keep in touch with the Dutch' Every event/happening that requires an entry fee is always reduced for members: the yearly Dutch Festival is entry-FREE.For those who forgot their mother-language and cannot read important papers regarding pensions from Holland or other information, we have a few people that will gladly be of service. As a financial member of the Rembrandt Dutch Club (minimum 12 months)the hall hire for your Birthday is only a $100. returnable bond. Others pay $250. more. Where a couple are members of the Rembrandt Dutch Club (minimum 12 months) the hall hire for engagement-wedding-anniversaries-Christening is only a $100. returnable bond. Others pay $250. more.

Membership for 1 year. $20 per person, $30. per couple. $15. per pensioner, $20. per pensioner couple

Where 1 person is a pensioner, his/her partner will also pay pensioner fee




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