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Kitchen Corner March 2018

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Kitchen Corner                                                      

        The month of February has ended with a huge celebration;                   50 years of the Federation of Netherland Societies.                           And what is the connection with the Rembrandt Club you ask.

The Rembrandt Dutch Club is only one of many groups/clubs connected to the Federation. Over the years there were close to 30 of them.

            One very well-known was the Senior Holiday.                                    Sponsored by the Federation it served many Dutchies with a great time and typical Dutch food.                                                                          There are still a couple of instuif groups going, they started off as coffee mornings. Way back in the late 70’s I had a group of ‘oldies’ from the Liverpool area visit my home in Hoxtonpark. I also had a toddler son and that was a great addition to the entertainment. My toddler is now 43.

Through the coffee morning I met this high school boy looking for work after school, so he could afford some music lessons. He worked for us for some time. After many years we met again at the Abel Tasman Village.

Georgy was the caretaker, and still is involved with music.                Although his hair has coloured to match ours, he still is Georgy to us.

          This weekend is the big Garage Sale and afterwards the Festival Volunteers meeting. Hope to see many of you there, and thanks to the volunteers that made a commitment and wrote their name down in black and white. We have entertainment as well. Let this be a surprise..

         It is going to be a very busy few weeks, but we like to be busy.

We need to occupy our brains and get plenty exercise, so I even took up gardening. Sometimes I even get some fresh vegies out of this, but so far not enough to fill the freezer. We are joking about a street stall to sell the vegies. No need for this just yet. Bahahahaha                                               On a different note, there are some more donations for the Festival raffle. Keep them coming…….                                                  

See you all at the club, whether it be the shop or the kitchen counter, whether you play scrabble, klaverjas, billiard, or practice your voice in the choir room, we need everybody to participate in something and spend some money to keep the place going.

                              Tot ziens                Mia


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